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St. Armands Window Tinting InstallationSt. Armand’s Boutique Chooses Window Film For UV Protection.

Few things are more devastating to a retailer than the loss of inventory due to sun fading. Expensive merchandise placed in display windows can be quickly ruined by the brutal tropic sun. Leather goods, silks and cottons; all types of goods – are sacrificed to “marketing” – and are a total loss to the store.

The owners of “INfluence on St. Armands” weren’t going to stand by and watch their fabulous selection of “cutting edge” designer wear destroyed by intense sun and ultraviolet light. They were searching for the best possible solution to their problem when they contacted Solar-X. Senior Sales Representative Brian Gregg was able to show them a “spectrally selective” film of exceptional clarity that would not alter the ability of window shoppers to see in, while still protecting against utlraviolet light and heat – both strong influences in damaging fabrics. The virtually undetectable color of the film allows the true colors of the clothing to be seen. Most importantly, the ability of the film toSt. Armands Window Film Installation eliminate ultraviolet and reduce heat intrusion will help protect “the best selection of premium denim south of the Skyway Bridge” from irreparable damage.

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