Why Should I Buy Panorama Window Film? | Window Tinting

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLAt Solar-X of Sarasota, we take a lot of pride in our “pedigree” – who we are, why we are an award-winning company, how long we’ve been in business, and the quality of our products and workmanship – but we really enjoy it when someone asks, “why should I buy from you  guys; what is it about you that sets you apart from the competition?” Well…

To start, we are a SolarGard® “Panorama®” window film dealer. That means we have an exclusive right to sell what is arguably the highest quality window film in this business – Panorama® – from an acknowledged industry leader – SolarGard®

     •  Panorama® dealers are selected by SolarGard® on the basis of their
         expertise and their superior level of customer service.
     •  Panorama® dealers represent the most elite and knowledgeable dealers
         in the film industry, who can properly assess their clients’ needs and
         install the optimal product for that job. Panorama is the only window
         film brand that requires their dealers to take continuing education
         courses in order to maintain their “active dealer” status. You can rest
         assured that we will always be “up-to-date” on the best films to install
         on today’s more sophisticated glazing; and be able to assist you in 
         choosing a product that best suits your individual needs.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer some of the most technologically advanced
          products available today.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer the only window films to be proven “carbon-
         negative;” and have that data backed up by the largest Environmental
         Product Declaration ever acheived.
     •  Solar-X of Sarasota is an award-winning Panorama® “Premier Plus”
         Warranty dealer. Premier Plus offers the most comprehensive
         warranty coverage available in the industry today. Premier Plus Logo
There are many other reasons – almost too numerous to mention – but they all add up to one thing. We can provide you with “top shelf” products, service, and unparalleled quality of workmanship. If your home is located in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice; or you wish to avail yourself of our Florida-wide commercial contracting service, you should contact Solar-X of Sarasota today. Expect – and get – the very best!


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