Water Treatment Plant Installs Armorcoat Window Film | Sarasota Window Tinting

Two years ago, sunlight streaming through the high windows in the City of Sarasota’s reverse osmosis water treatment plant was promoting algae growth in the  the filtration system. Solar-X of Sarasota was chosen to apply sun control film to the problem windows; eliminating the factors that caused the growth, and bringing that headache to an end.

But recently, concern for the structural integrity of the windows in case of a storm gave rise to the idea that a complete installation of safety and security film would be in order – since storm panels or shutters are not a practical option –  and once again, the Public Works staff  knew who to contact to get the job done right. 

Logistically, the job was going to be a nightmare. The plant is stuffed to the ceiling with piping, holding tanks, filtration systems and equipment of all kinds. The windows themselves are 20 feet off the floor, and the only way to access them is with scissor lifts, scaffolding, or articulated bucket lifts; depending on what obstacle you need to clear. A large overhead door had to be completely removed and replaced – all coordinated with the film installation – and every window had to have full “wet glaze” edge attachments to achieve maximum strength in case of impact.

The professionals at Solar-X knew exactly what had to be done and formulated a plan to achieve the installation with minimum disruption to the ongoing operations at the plant.  The process wasn’t easy, but the end result speaks for itself. The installation was affordable – a fraction of the cost of roll down shutters or replacement with impact glass –  and the level of protection is excellent. Now if a storm approaches, the staff can attend to other preparations without having to worry about the integrity of the windows, and the same “sun control” properties that solved the algae problem now help to cool the entire plant.

Innovation and a “can do” attitude are the hallmarks of a Solar-X installation. If you have a project with “special needs” but you don’t have confidence that the job will get done on time or within budget, make sure you call Solar-X before the contract is let. Whether your project is in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice; or elsewhere in Florida, we can get the job done right. Our level of experience is hard to match; and so is the quality of our work. The Sarasota Public Works Department knows it. Find out for yourself…