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“Architectural Wrap” Eliminates Unwanted View  Of Construction Site

Window Signs Sarasota “Cafe 1700″, located inside Sarasota Memorial Hospital has a prime view of what – at least for the next two years – is going to be an unattractive construction site. The distraction and unsightliness of the site created a problem which hospital and cafe management wanted to eliminate in a positive manner for their customers.  One suggested solution to the problem was to close the hurricane shutters on the outside of the window. Unappealing at best, no one on staff wanted to do that. A second option was to install an opaque film on the window glass that would keep people from seeing out the window – not only a poor solution but drab and “confining.”  Upon making a call to Solar-X  however, Hospitality Services Supervisor John Shirk found that there was a third alternative – an eye pleasing “architectural wrap.” Installing a collage of pictures; printed  in large format, and “framed” by opaque window film, would give the cafe an eye-catching focal point – not a view of the back side of closed hurricane shutters, or an unattractive construction site!

Window Graphics Sarasota

John had been tasked with finding a solution to this problem and was searching for ideas when he approached Solar-X. Excited as he was by the “picture” concept, John thought that the “arty” approach might well be beyond the budget that he had been assigned for the project. But a consultation with Solar-X proved differently. Utilizing a combination of printed material and opaque window film kept the price within range.  Now “Cafe 1700″ has a creative solution that is far more pleasing to the eye than just another “ho-hum” approach.

If you are a business owner, think how an eye-catching architectural wrap could enhance your storefront. Not only will your business stand out from others to people passing by, or even drivers who see it from the street; it will immediately telegraph to potential customers what you sell, and add a creative flair that will invite people in to browse and buy. Always looking to help their clients with creative applied products, Solar-X of Sarasota would be delighted to help you bring an idea to life for your business – and at a price that fits your budget! Call us today for a no-obligation consultation.