Tropical Storm Bonnie 2010 | Hurricane Tracking | Projected Path

Tropical Storm Bonnie Projected PathWell, we all know that this is the time of year for tropical storms and hurricanes.  So far, as of Thursday night, it looks like this storm will be a “dry run” for the real thing. Unless otherwise directed, those of us living along the Sun Coast can breathe easy and not panic, but everyone would be well advised to keep an eye on the weather – over the next two days especially, as Bonnie enters the Gulf of Mexico.

So… now is the time to review your storm plans. Do you plan to stay at home? Do you plan to evacuate at the first warning? If you have pets, do you know where the shelters are that will accept them? If you have storm shutters, do you know where all the mounting hardware is? If you want to stay at home, do you have food? Water? Batteries? Radio? Have you made the serious commitment yet to purchase storm protection systems like shutters, wind screens or even pre-cut plywood in order to protect your windows? If your storm plans include the purchase of Safety and Security Window Film for an additional level of protection, you should plan to install it now… but not for Bonnie! That time has passed. Because of the extended drying time involved, you won’t get any protection from Bonnie’s winds if you live along the West Coast of Florida. But you can get protection from future storms if you install it now!

Before purchasing, educate yourself about all the storm mitigation products available to you, and what level of protection you might expect from them. Products like Armorcoat® Safety and Security Window Film can certainly give you an increased level of protection – when properly installed by true professionals like those at Solar-X.  Do not be misled by contractors who claim their window film “is good to 200 miles per hour!”, or some like statement. The performance of Safety and Security Film is largely dependent upon the strength and support of your own window units – and proper installation. We encourage you to visit our website and read our full “manufacturer’s statement” regarding Safety Film performance, and what you can reasonably expect. But the most important point we can make is; pick a storm protective system, and pick it now, before you get caught “flat-footed” by the real thing!

Plan ahead, stay safe, and be sure to call Solar-X of Sarasota if your plans include the purchase of Safety and Security Window Film.  And “keep a weather eye” out for future developments…

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