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View From Island VillaSales of Panorama® “HiLite™” Window Film are skyrocketing – and the reason why should come as no surprise. This ultra high-quality sun control product is virtually clear; possessing the same reflectance characteristics as glass with no film! Yet HiLite stops 55% – 61% of the sun’s heat and 99%+ of the harmful ultraviolet light entering through your windows (depending on which density you choose) without compromising your view in any way.

HiLite Window Film is a spectrally selective product. That means it can discriminate against some wavelengths of light; such as UV and long wave infrared, while at the same time letting virtually all the visible light  into your home. There is no reflective component, so it leaves the apearance of your windows almost completely unchanged. Beautiful, natural light streams into your home, while at the same time, the film brings comfort to your environment by stabilizing “hot spots”, making spaces cooler, and protecting against fading of furnishings, flooring, and window treatments. And HiLite won’t restrict your night time views the way traditional window films can. You don’t get roomside reflection with HiLite, so you can see the city skyline, or the moon on the Gulf of Mexico – all the views that define the place you call “home.” Premier Plus Logo

Solar-X of Sarasota is the exclusive Panorama® window film dealer for Bradenton, SarasotaVenice, and the surrounding area. Our highly trained  installation craftsmen will install your Panorama® “HiLite” window film with pride and unrivaled skill. And every Solar-X installation is covered by Panorama’s exclusive “Premier Plus” Warranty – the most expansive warranty coverage available in the industry today!  Contact Solar-X today for a no-obligation presentation of “the best window film you’ll never see” – Panorama® “HiLite!” Solar-X of Sarasota. The area’s leading window film contractor since 1973.