Bulk Nation Solves Heat Issues Before Opening | Window Film

The management team at Bulk Nation knew right away that they were going to have problems with the sun streaming through their west-facing storefront. The store specializes in bulk sales of snacks, pastas, spices, and other foodstuffs that can all be affected by the sun – especially the “candy” section! The heat pouring in through the nine-foot-tall windows was intense, and large amounts of merchandise near the windows stood to get ruined. Large losses of merchandise don’t make for a smart business model; so before the store even opened, they called Solar-X of Sarasota to help them tame the sun and protect their goods.

A veteran firm with forty years in the window film business, Solar-X knew just what to do to help solve the problem. Added to that problem, however, was the urgency for immediate installation of the film prior to the planned opening of the business. Understanding and accomodating the needs of their clients has helped Solar-X of Sarasota develop the reputation of the “go to” firm when time is of the essence. Our installation crew went to work outside of our already busy schedule to get this job done ASAP; making the area near the front of the store more comfortable, and most importantly, protecting the merchandise from loss due to sun damage. 

Putting the needs of our clients above everything else has been our “Number 1″ priority since Solar-X of Sarasota opened in 1973. No matter how urgent; if we can help, we will be there, with top quality SolarGard® window films and experienced installation personnel that are second to none in attention to detail and overall customer satisfaction. Contact Solar-X today to get your next project off to a great start! Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right For. . . Window Tinting!

Summer Heat WaveWell, there’s no doubt about it…Summer is here with a vengeance! It’s just plain hot outside, and electric bills are going through the roof! But you can combat high utility bills and make your home more comfortable with a simple, affordable application of quality SolarGard® or Panorama® sun control film. Your windows and sliding glass doors let the sun stream through; overloading your air conditioning; creating “hot spots” near the windows, causing eye-watering glare, and fading your furniture. But you don’t need to put up with that!

One phone call to Solar-X of Sarasota is all it takes to bring immediate comfort to you and your family. We’ll come out to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation, help you determine which product is best for your particular problem, and send our factory-trained installation technicians out to apply your window film to our exacting quality standards. An application of SolarGard® or Panorama® is fast, very affordable, and the results are immediate! You’ll be feeling more comfortable with every piece of film installed; your “utility bill blues” will be a thing of the past, and you’ll also feel better knowing that your furnishings, drapes, carpeting – and your loved ones – are thoroughly protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. And every installation of superior quality SolarGard® and Panorama® window film is backed in writing by industry-leading warranty coverage!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been helping people in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice improve the quality and comfort of their indoor environment for nearly forty years.  Don’t go through another summer suffering from the discomfort of an overloaded air conditioning system, when such affordable relief is only a phone call away. Contact Solar-X today. You’ll be glad you did!

Panorama Window Film – When Only The Best Will Do | Window Tinting

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLAs one of the first Panorama® Window Film dealers in the United States, and winner of multiple awards in the sales and marketing of Panorama® products, Solar-X of Sarasota has always taken great pleasure in offering this superior quality window film line to our clients. Manufactured under the strictest of quality standards; and with the most stringent consideration for the environment, Panorama® Window Films provide unrivaled optical clarity, natural appearance, and the perfect balance of high visible light transmission (VLT) and strong performance. Backed by “Premier Plus™”  – the industry’s most expansive warranty coverage – Panorama® films; and their related brand – SolarGard® – are the only window film brands proven to be “carbon-negative.” 

Reasonably priced “Slate™” and “Autumn Bronze™” dual reflective window films provide high performance and low “interior reflectance” – giving you nightime vision and appearance that is vastly improved over traditional reflective films. A wide range of heat reflection – from 53% to 79% – and a 99% reduction of harmful ultraviolet rays, make this product worthy of consideration under any circumstances.

Outstanding even amongst this fine line of products are  “HiLite™” window films. Possessed of incredibly high visible light transmission – the lighter version is virtually undetectable – these films stop 55% to 61% of the total solar energy entering through your windows, and protect you and your drapes, carpet, and furnishings from 99%+ of the ultraviolet light with an SPF factor of 285! These films provide uncompromised viewing both day and night.

Past winner of the “Panorama HiLite™ ‘Dealer of the Year’ ” award; we would be happy to show you any of the superior products in the Panorama® window film line. Safe for installation on any of today’s more sophisticated glazing systems, eco-friendly, and performance-certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council, these films are arguably the finest quality products of their kind available today. Contact Solar-X for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

“Green” Awareness Brings Window Tinting “Full Circle” | Window Film

Clients’ Desire To Save Energy, Cut Carbon Emissions, Takes Window Tinting “Back To Basics”

Building "Green"When Solar-X of Sarasota opened in 1973, we found ourselves trying to conduct business in the midst of the OPEC oil embargo. People were vitally interested in conserving energy then, and Solar-X had the products that could help them. While peoples’ motivations for buying window film and tinting products have occasionally shifted, today everything seems to have come full circle.

For years, people were motivated by the increased comfort window films offered, or the often-touted protection against fading of furnishings. Hurricane Charley’s landfall on the Gulf Coast focused peoples’ attention on Safety and Security films. But with ever-rising energy costs, and a desire to reduce their “carbon footprint,” people are returning to basics. Window film reduces heat intrusion into your home. Reducing your energy consumption by installing window film reduces carbon emissions and saves you money.

Surprisingly, very little attention is given to window film products on “green” websites. That’s about to change. Most green websites tend to stress caulking or sealing around the edges of windows, or expensive window replacements. But window films like SolarGard® and Panorama® offer a better return on investment than low-e glass units. They are less expensive than new windows, they have lower “carbon costs” in manufacture, and, in fact; SolarGard® and Panorama® films are the only brands proven to be “carbon-negative.”  And when windows are perfectly serviceable, an affordable application of quality window film such as SolarGard® and Panorama® might be all you need to save substantial amounts of energy – not to mention saving up to 30% on  your utility bills.

Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s largest SolarGard® dealer and the exclusive installer of Panorama® window films. All Panorama® films are backed by the Premier Plus® warranty; the longest warranty available anywhere in the film industry.

If you live in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, or the surrounding area, contact Solar-X today to get the full story on our eco-friendly products – and start saving before summer’s hot weather gets here!

Panorama Window Film | “Premier Plus” Warranty | Window Tinting

Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty Offers Most Expansive Coverage In The Window Tinting Industry

Premier Plus LogoToday’s more advanced glazing systems require more sophisticated window films in order to maximize your protection.

Many manufacturers of insulated glass, low-E, and impact (laminated) window units will void their warranties if window tint – or any applied product – is installed on them, citing the fact that they have been “altered in the field.” Potential lack of warranty coverage was a point of concern to many consumers until Panorama® window film  introduced the Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty.

The Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty eliminates any residential consumer protection concerns. First, it matches your glass manufacturer’s warranty against insulated glass “seal failure,” and provides ten years coverage against product-induced glass breakage, with the highest replacement cost allowance available. In addition, it provides a lifetime warranty on both material and labor, plus a five year transferable warranty to a new owner if you should decide to sell your home. All at no cost to you! “PremierPlus” is the only warranty in the industry that can say this.

On commercial installations, “PremierPlus” will match the manufacturer’s warranty, provide 16 years worth of material and labor coverage, as well as 10 year breakage protection. Here again, Panorama films provide more complete warranty coverage than any other window film manufacturer; at no additional cost.

Solar-X of Sarasota is the Sarasota area’s exclusive Panorama® Window Film dealer, and a 38 year veteran in the window filmPanorama Window Film - Sarasota FL industry. Let us assist you with an honest, educational consultation, and unparalleled installation quality. See for yourself why we have been “Sarasota’s leading window film contractor since 1973!” Serving Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and surrounding area; as well as state-wide commercial contracting.

Top Five Reasons For Buying Window Film | Window Tinting

Whatever your reason for considering a purchase of window film, you can bet that this multi-faceted home improvement product will give you many more benefits than you anticipated. Over nearly four decades, we at Solar-X of Sarasota have heard any number of motivating factors, but these would certainly be our “top five.”

1. Energy Reduction:  People love to save money; and window film consistently lowers energy consumption and utility bills – by as much as 30%…

2. UV Protection: Ultraviolet light is the single largest cause of fading – furniture, drapes, carpeting, art – and your skin doesn’t like it much either! Window film eliminates greater than 99% of harmful UV rays, protecting your home and family.

3. Increased Comfort: Nothing says “comfort” like a stable interior environment. Window film eliminates “hot spots” near windows and helps maintain consistent interior temperatures. It reduces annoying glare and allows you to open your drapes and enjoy the view.

4. Security: Impact-resistant Safety and Security Film is an affordable “upgrade” that can significantly deter burglary or “smash and grab” thefts by making it harder to gain entry into your home. It can minimize cutting or piercing injuries from glass breakage due to accidental contact. And it can add a substantial level of protection from violent storms and the flying debris that comes with them.

5.  Helps Protect The Environment: By reducing energy consumption, window film reduces the greenhouse gases created by the utility companies through reduced energy production.  That can save millions of tons of carbon emissions each year!

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to represent the full line of SolarGard®, Armorcoat™, and Panorama® window films. These industry-leading products reduce up to 82% of the total solar energy entering through your windows. An SPF Factor of 285+ eliminates better than 99% of harmful ultraviolet light. The ability of these top quality products to reduce heat and glare will definitely improve your comfort. Finally, SolarGard® and Panorama® films are carbon-negative. And they are the only window film products to be proven so by means of a complete life-cycle analysis and Environmental Product Declaration. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Exceptional Product Knowledge, Customer Service, Define Window Film Leader

Nearly Four Decades of “Putting the Client First” Makes Solar-X of Sarasota A Winner

Window Film dealer sarasota FloridaIn an industry known for its intense competition, Solar-X of Sarasota has been able to consistently stand “head and shoulders” above our local competitors in the residential and commercial window film business.  Our encyclopedic knowledge of window tinting products, combined with our sincere interest in what you as the client are looking for (color, performance, appearance, etc.) allow us to guide you towards a purchase of the products that most suit your needs and preferences as they relate to your home or business. That knowledge; along with 38 years of deep industry involvement allow us to bring a unique perspective to any situation that many of our competitors simply do not possess. And we are delighted to share that knowledge with our prospective clients in the hopes that we can lead them to a buying decision that is completely satisfying for them.

OK, so the salesmen know alot… Who is going to install it?   

Well, for starters; how about some of the area’s most experienced installation technicians? Men who are full-time employees, with proper insurance coverage for your protection.  Men whose continued employment depends upon continuing education; men who have been factory-trained by the film manufacturer to know not just about installing window film, but about glass and glazing – and the best methods of film installation on all types of glazing systems. Men of impressive experience – our foreman alone has been with Solar-X for 34 years – and integrity – all of our installers have undergone stringent background checks. In short, professionals who will treat your home or office space with  respect and courtesy; and who will perform the very best possible installation on your windows. That’s why so many satisfied clients refer their friends to Solar-X. And they have been since 1973. Home- and business-owners from Ellenton to Englewood; Lakewood Ranch to Longboat Key – even statewide – know that when it comes to quality products, installation, and a creative, “can do!” attitude, nobody gets the job done like Solar-X! Contact us today

Energy Conservation: Saving Money Or Saving The World? | Window Tinting

Taking A Serious Look At Window Film And What It Can Achieve…

When the topic of saving energy comes up, people almost immediately take one of two sides. One side wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action against global warming. The other side says, “I just want to save money!” We at Solar-X take the approach that; no matter what the motivation is, if we all take action to save energy, we’ll all get to the same place!

For those of you who take the more ecologically sensitive side, here are a few tidbits about SolarGard® and Panorama® window tinting products that may surprise you; and perhaps give you a sense of respect for these top quality energy-saving films:

  1. SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films are the only brand name window films that have been measured and certified to be carbon-negative.
  2. They are the first U.S. manufactured building improvement products to achieve a Climate Declaration, verifying that they are carbon-negative.
  3. The “carbon cost” to manufacture one square meter of SolarGard® or Panorama® window film is less than one kilogram.  A low-e wood frame window of the same size has a carbon cost of 253 kilograms!
  4. Over a projected useful life of 15 years (global average), SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films will save 1001 times more greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere than those expended during its manufacture.

For those of you who are mostly interested in saving money, try these facts:

  1. Applying SolarGard® and Panorama® films to your windows has been shown to reduce your energy use by up to 30%.
  2. SolarGard® and Panorama® sun control films deliver 6.6 times more energy savings per dollar invested than high performance, low-e glass replacement windows across all climate zones.

We could cite fact after fact, but the truth about these quality window tinting products is this. They save money. They reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They also make your environment cooler and more comfortable. They reduce harmful ultraviolet light and fading with an SPF factor of 285+! And many of these products are virtually undetectable once installed. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation, and start saving money and  the environment at the same time! We’ve been helping people from Palmetto to Port Charlotte do both since 1973…

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Window Film | Window Tinting

“Green” Before Anyone Knew What “Green” Was…

Today, everyone is talking about “going green” to reduce energy consumption. Solar-X of Sarasota has been installing “green-friendly”, energy – saving window films since 1973!  Thirty seven years ago, we just called it “saving money.” We didn’t know we were helping people “go green.” And while we always knew that window film was wildly successful in helping to reduce energy consumption in homes and offices, hard data is coming to light on an almost daily basis that shows  just how good these products really are. For example, window film has a better return on investment (ROI) than low-e glass. And while the carbon cost of manufacturing one square meter of window film is less than one kilogram; the carbon cost of manufacturing one square meter of wood framed low-e glass is 253 kilograms!  Here is another interesting fact: over their lifetime, “carbon-negative” SolarGard® and Panorama® window film and tinting products will save 1001 times more carbon emissions than it took to make them! It’s no surprise then, that these high quality films are at last being included in important Federal energy legislation; or that they help qualify for LEED credits in six categories! Finally, SolarGard® and Panorama® window films are the only film brands in the industry to have been measured and certified as carbon-negative!

Helping Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice consumers improve their comfort, save energy, and reduce their electric bill is nothing new to Solar-X of Sarasota. Our NFRC* Certified window films reduce heat, glare, and fading in your home or office; and save you money while they do it. Why not let us save you some “green” today?  We’ve been right here all along…

Call Solar-X today for a free estimate!

* National Fenestration Rating Council.

NFRC Certification Ensures Window Film Performance

Third Party Verification Assures “Performance As Advertised”

Panorama Films Are Certified By The NFRC!How can you rest assured that the window tint you have chosen for your home or office will perform as the sales consultant stated? One way is to check that the films are NFRC certified.

NFRC stands for National Fenestration Rating Council. “Fenestration” is any door or window opening in a building, and the NFRC is a well-respected, independent organization that sets testing standards for windows and window attachment products. It is made up of manufacturers, government bodies, academic institutions, and consumer groups. NFRC Certification is an acknowledgement that a product receives when testing confirms that the product performs as specified.

Not until recently have window films been accepted by NFRC for certification. Testing standards are rigorous, so certification is a powerful affirmation that the product works as advertised. Most SolarGard®, Armorcoat®, and all Panorama® window films have; to date, been certified, with more being continually added.

Call Solar-X of Sarasota today for details, and know that you are getting a product that does everything it says it does!

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Thinking “Outside the Box” With Window Tinting | Sarasota Florida

“Multi-faceted” Window Film Solves Many Window Woes

Window Film Sarasota FlSome things just can’t be put in one box. Mention the term “window film” or “window tinting” and people will say “it stops heat.”  Some will say, “it reduces fading”, while others say “it saves energy.” Some will mention that window film is “green,” or “eco-friendly,” while others think “storm protection.” How can a single product elicit so many answers? Because it can do all of the above and more!

In today’s environmentally conscious society, and in an economy where everyone is interested in saving money, an application of window film can be appropriate for any of the above reasons. Homeowners may be concerned with “comfort,” or “anti-fade,” or even the “security and protection” aspects. Commercial property managers may concern themselves with window film’s “eco-friendly” energy-saving properties. Perhaps their interest lies in the fact that window film is eligible for certain tax credits, power company rebates, or can even help qualify a building for LEED certification. Window film will do that as well, and remember that window film can do all this while being virtually undetectable!

Today, identifying and addressing problems associated with heat intrusion, fading, and glass areas goes far beyond “traditional” window treatments. Our extensive line of SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® window tinting and safety film products can provide powerful protection against any sun-related problems you may have. Let Solar-X of Sarasota put together a complete window design package that will meet all of your needs. From initial consultation to final execution, we are ready to assist you with top-quality products and installation!

Contact Solar-X today!

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Venice “Ross Dress For Less” Store Installs Armorcoat Safety Film

Venice Department Store Protects Its Windows With Security Film

Ross Stores, Inc. is the nation’s second largest off-price retailer. They operate 953 Ross Dress For Less® stores across the country. That large an operation represents an awful lot of inventory, and it only makes sense to protect it from sun damage, or burglary, or; if you live along the Gulf Coast – potential looting after a storm or hurricane. So when the Venice, Florida store wanted to protect their display windows from storm damage and unlawful entry, the company’s facilities management service called upon the leading Armorcoat Safety and Security Window Film dealer in the Bradenton-Sarasota-Venice area: Solar-X of Sarasota.

A quick conversation with their facilities management representative led us to discover that they had no idea about enhancing the performance of Armorcoat with “wet glaze” edge attachments – no other potential vendors had even brought the subject up! It didn’t take long for them to find that they were dealing with knowledgeable professionals; and, once armed with proper  information, it didn’t take them long to decide who they wanted to have protect their property. Solar-X of Sarasota’s courteous and experienced installers worked with store management to ensure that there was no disruption to shoppers or management, and got the job done quickly and efficiently. Management was delighted – and very complimentary!

If you have a business in Venice, Englewood, or North Port, and you are looking for storm protection, burglary deterrence, or sun control – and you want it done right – call Solar-X of Sarasota today. Our well-trained staff will ascertain what you need , and make the right product recommendations to get your problems solved!

Venice Window Film and Tinting Installation Service

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“Grand Bay” Chooses Quality Window Film From Solar-X | Longboat Key Florida

Solar-X provided replacement window film and tinting services to one of Longboat Key’s finest!

Grand Bay” is a luxury condominium situated on one of the more beautiful bay-side areas of Longboat Key. Recently, we were contacted by the Chairman of the Property Management Committee regarding the possible replacement of window film on the complexes Fitness Center.  It was plain from the beginning that we were dealing with a “no nonsense” individual who was unafraid to ask hard questions and demand straight answers about our window tinting products and services. He wanted to know whose products we used – and why. He wanted to compare performance, and warranty coverage. He was looking for quality product; and professional, top grade installation.

Professionalism from consultation to installation.

An extensive consultation took place between the Committee Chairman and Solar-X of Sarasota’s Brian Gregg. After careful consideration, Brian suggested Panorama® “Slate 20;” a dual-reflective window film whose combination of high performance, and low interior reflectance was guaranteed to help with their heat intrusion; and please the eye with its enhanced aesthetics. The industry-leading coverage of Panorama’s “Premier Plus” warranty, and performance certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council  added the assurance of recognized quality. Solar-X of Sarasota’s thirty-seven year involvement in the window tinting industry, our factory-trained and certified installers, and our overall professionalism “sealed the deal.” After  several more “Q & A” sessions, Grand Bay selected Solar-X of Sarasota. The installation – as expected – went smoothly, without disruption, and the residents are now enjoying the performance and new-found good looks of their Panorama® window film.

How can Solar-X assist with your film installation?

Solar-X of Sarasota has been satisfying  the discriminating buyers on Longboat Key and Anna Maria, as well as Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice for nearly four decades. Call us today!

I would like an estimate for a window film installation

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Window Film Is “Sea Turtle Friendly”

turtle-compliant-window-filmSolar-X of Sarasota Can Help You Save Turtle Hatchlings With Window Films.

Florida’s turtle nesting season will soon begin, running from May through October. Each year at this time, sea turtles drag their bulk up onto Florida’s beaches to lay their eggs. About sixty days later, their hatchlings emerge to begin another life cycle. They head towards light sources (before mankind discovered oceanfront living these light sources would have been the moon and the stars reflecting off the water) in order to make their way to the sea. Today, many hatchlings instead head further inland to their deaths; confused by the lights of beachfront homes and condominiums. Because of the turtles’ endangered status, Florida building codes  require  new construction with a direct “line of sight” to the beach to install glass with a visible light transmission of 45% or less.

turtle-code-comlpiant-filmMany people who own existing beachfront homes are concerned for the turtles as well. However, there is no need to go through the expensive retrofit process of installing tinted window units. There are many affordable window films that will meet the light transmission standards of the Florida codes. Not only will you help the turtles, you’ll be protecting your home from heat intrusion and ultraviolet fading. You’ll be saving on energy costs as well. It’s a win – win situation for everybody; especially the little guys who are just trying to make it to the water – where, by the way; they have a 1 in 1000 chance of surviving to adulthood. And if you’ve ever experienced the delight of seeing one of these beauties surface near your boat on an early Gulf of Mexico dawn, you’ll understand why we’d like to see them stick around for a while…

If you have a beachfront home or condo, and you want to help improve their chance of survival, make plans now to install window film before the turtles arrive.  Contact Solar-X of Sarasota today to preview our expansive line of “turtle code compliant” window films from SolarGard®, Panorama® , and Armorcoat® . Next, properly shield your exterior lights,  move beach furniture and other “obstacles” off the beach at night, and never disturb the nests! You’ll be doing something good for the turtles and yourself.

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Panorama Is The Window Film Of Choice

“Standout” Window Tint is Lead Product For Solar-X of Sarasota

Panorama® Designer and Safety Films are unique, advanced technology products – films that no longer need to be dark or highly reflective in order to provide impressive performance.

Panorama® films are available in a variety of densities and colors, and are of particular interest to today’s more upscale buyers who desire high performance and maximum light transmission, with minimum reflection.

The most outstanding example of this technology is Hilite 70® Clear Solar Protection; designed with the same reflectance values as untreated clear glass. With incredibly high (72%) visible light transmission, 55% total solar energy rejected, 99% Ultraviolet rejection, and uncompromised views both day and night; Hilite is truly the “MVP” of this all star product lineup.

Solar-X of Sarasota is a Panorama® “Premier Plus” warranty dealer. With Premier Plus, your Panorama® film installation is covered with the most expansive coverage in the industry – bar none! –  matching original glass manufacturers warranties that may be voided by an application, and covering potential breakage for ten years; including insulated and impact glass. Only Panorama® window films offer this extended warranty coverage at no additional cost. Call Solar-X of Sarasota for complete warranty details and a free, no-obligation consultation today!

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Premier Plus Warranty Puts Panorama Window Film On Top

Most Expansive Warranty Coverage in the Window Tinting Industry

Superior Window Film Warranty CoverageThe use of window film and tinting products on today’s more sophisticated window units raises several questions as to what films are appropriate, or whether they are; in fact, safe to install at all.

One issue is film installation on insulated glass (dual pane) windows, where either “seal failure”, or outright glass breakage is a point of concern. More recently, the increased use of laminated “impact” (hurricane) glass has also raised breakage questions. Many studies have been done on insulated glass, which have found these issues to be mostly rooted in poor quality manufacture or design, with these rare occurrences proportionately reduced as quality increases. Still, most manufacturers of these types of windows will void their warranties if their products are “altered in the field” (i. e., if film is installed).

Panorama ® “Premier Plus” Warranty

Bekaert Specialty Films; the award winning manufacturer of Panorama® Window Film has eliminated those worries with their Panorama ® “Premier Plus” warranty. Under “Premier Plus”, Bekaert will match the terms of the original glass manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure (where applicable), and cover glass breakage for ten years. In addition, Panorama® films are covered against defects with a lifetime residential warranty on material and labor, and a sixteen – year commercial warranty. Both these warranties are the most complete in the industry and available at no charge to our clients. Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be the exclusive Panorama® “Premier Plus” dealer in the greater Sarasota area.

Window Films Do Not Alter the Appearance of Windows

Another common concern is appearance. Many condominiums, especially, do not want highly reflective films that alter a building’s appearance, or create a “patchwork” effect with some windows appearing different than  others.  High performance films such as Panorama® “HiLite 70 will leave the appearance of windows completely unchanged from inside and out. They will also provide unobstructed viewing, both day and night – an especially desirable characteristic for those “high end” properties with waterfront or other “million dollar” views!

These products are not dark, highly reflective, or “unnatural” in their appearance. They won’t change the viewing environment, and will give years of excellent service; increasing comfort, saving energy, protecting against ultraviolet fading, and making glass safer.  In short, there is no longer any basis in fact regarding past “fears” that have been associated with an installation of these products, and homeowners or property managers can feel completely comfortable in having these quality products installed.bradenton window tinting

Call Solar-X today for more information.

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Solar-X of Sarasota: Nearly Four Decades of Window Tinting Experience

Quality Products and People, Make Window Tinting Contractor “The Area Leader Since 1973″

Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s leading window film contractors since 1973, is proud to offer the complete line of Bekaert® window film and window tinting products. Bekaert Specialty Films is a division of Bekaert LLC; a 125 year-old, globally operating company, and an acknowledged leader in the window film industry.

Following is a brief description of each of our product lines:

SolarGard® Window Films.
SolarGard® films make up our basic line of proven, high quality “sun control” films. These very affordable products reduce heat, glare, and fading by stopping 99% of the ultraviolet light and anywhere from 43% to79% of the heat – depending upon which density you choose. Scratch – resistant, with a lifetime residential warranty (10 year commercial) these trusted tinting products have been protecting homes and offices for years from the discomfort of heat intrusion, and damage from fading.

Panorama® Designer Window Films.
A product of today’s technology, Panorama® films generally allow in more light than their conventional counterparts while still rejecting comparable amounts of heat. Some are “dual reflective;” a characteristic that lowers “interior” reflectance, and allows better nighttime vision through your windows. The ultimate in sophistication is the awe-inspiring HiLite 70® spectrally selective film; a virtually clear film that stops 99% UV, 55% of the heat, and 95% of the infrared light. The result is a window that is unchanged in its appearance, with unrestricted viewing; both day and night! All Panorama® films are backed by the Premier Plus warranty – the most complete warranty available from any manufacturer in the industry.

Armorcoat® Safety and Security Films.
For clients who are looking for protection from storm damage, break-ins, or any other issues associated with the hazards of broken or flying glass, we offer Armorcoat® products. Armorcoat® absorbs the impact of windborne debris or forcible entry, and keeps the glass in place after impact. Many Armorcoat® films have sun control capabilities as well; allowing the film to protect against heat, glare, and fading, in addition to the physical protection it provides. The advantages of this “passive” protection are obvious – it’s there 24 hours a day! That is a real relief to those clients who cannot be “on site” or are incapable of installing other means of security protection.

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