Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Lakewood Ranch Window Tinting Discounts – Summer 2010

Summer 2010 Window Tinting Specials

SolarGard® “TrueVue™” Dual Reflective Window Film Series

Outstanding optical clarity, low reflectance, and natural appearance! Be the first on your block to install this latest offering from SolarGard®and receive a 10% discount on installations over 100 sq. ft. – 15% on installations over 200 sq. ft.
Offer expires 8/31/10

Panorama® “Hilite 40™” Spectrally Selective Window Film

Already renowned for its appearance, clarity, and quality, HiLite 40 is the latest addition to the HiLite spectrally selective film series. Only slightly darker than its sister film – HiLite 70 – HiLite 40 reflects an impressive 61% total solar energy while remaining clear and non-reflective. Take 10% off any installation over 50 sq. ft.
Offer expires 8/31/10

Panorama® Safety and Security Window Film Series

Panorama’s two most popular films in an 8mil thick Safety and Security series. Wow! See for yourself why these two films are so well thought of when it comes to appearance and viewing enhancement. Once you see and feel the quality difference, you’ll be hooked! Take 10% off any “whole house” installation of these sensational films!

Does Window Film Work? Watch How Ice Cream Melts With and Without Window Film.

Time lapsed video demonstrating how fast ice cream melts under heat lamps with Panorama Sterling 20 window film and without.  If you are seeking window film or tinting services, call 1(866) 34-FILMS (34567). Solar-X is the Sarasota and Bradenton area’s exclusive Panorama film installation service -since 1973.  

Sarasota Window Tinting

Window Film’s Performance Attracts SGM Magnetics | Sarasota Florida

Superior Heat Rejection Keeps Offices Cooler and  More Comfortable.

Despite the fact that there are blinds in every window at the offices of SGM Magnetics on Apex Road, the morning sun’s heat comes through the glass and window treatments like a laser; increasing the interior heat and discomfort to the point where it is intolerable. That’s when Julie Most started exploring the possibility of installing window tinting on the East and South windows.

Smart businesswoman that she is, Julie called several potential film vendors for an estimate; but eventually chose Solar-X to do the work, based on our large selection of quality products, our reputation as a competent and trustworthy contractor, and the affordability of our products.

Window Tint  Controls Glare and UV.

Based on our recommendation, SGM opted for a “dual reflective” product that stops 79% of the total solar energy. It softens the harsh glare; allowing office occupants to open their blinds to the point that they don’t feel completely “closed in.” It also protects people and furniture from the sun’s harmful UV light, and allows them to more easily see their computer screens. Most importantly, the heat intrusion that prompted Julie to call us in the first place, will now stay outside where it belongs!

“We should have done this the day we moved in here”…

That’s what Julie said when asked if the film was performing as hoped, and if she was pleased with their new purchase. Not surprisingly, we hear that answer alot! Superior products, and 37 years experience in the industry ensure smooth, hassle-free installations and your total satisfaction.  Contact Us for an estimate today!

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Solar-X Completes Third “Habitat For Humanity” Project

Dealer/Manufacturer Effort Helps Habitat Spread Funding

Solar-X of Sarasota recently completed its third donated installation of window film on a refurbished “Habitat For Humanity (Sarasota)” home.  A continuing collaberation between the film manufacturer – Bekaert Specialty Films – and Solar-X; this installation brings the total value of donated goods and services to over $1,500.00 since the start of the year. Installing film on servicable windows eliminates expensive window replacements, allowing Habitat (Sarasota) to use precious funds elsewhere.

Window Film Keeps Refurbished Homes Cool, Saves Money

The use of window film on these reconditioned homes will help keep them cool, more comfortable, and most importantly;  help the new homeowners save money on the utility bills from the day they move in. In addition, these products are “green” in the truest sense of the word. Panorama films have been measured and found to be “carbon negative” – they will reduce greenhose gas (GHG) emissions  many times over those expended in the manufacture and working life cycle of these window film products!

Commited To “Long – Term” Involvement

Solar-X of Sarasota feels very strongly about Habitat For Humanity (Sarasota), and the wonderful work that they and all their dedicated volunteers do. And we are pleased to represent a manufacturer who is generous enough to donate the window film for these jobs. Extraordinary things happen when good people get together in a common cause, and if we can be part of that in some small way, then we feel honored to do so.

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Profile: Bill Vogel | Recognized By “Window Film” Magazine

Solar-X  Foreman Honored as Inaugural “Installer of the Week”

Recently “Window Film” Magazine made a request of dealers nationwide: Let us know who in your business should be recognized for consistently going “above and beyond” normal efforts to help our business and our industry grow; through customer relations and outstanding performance. We at Solar-X of Sarasota feel honored to have had our Installation Foreman, Bill Vogel – a 33+ year veteran of the film industry (all of them at Solar-X!) – chosen as their first “Installer of the Week.” It always feels good when “one of our own” is feted in such a way, and gives public recognition to a man who on a regular basis brings credit to our organization without ever asking for it.

In our nomination submission, Bill was described as “a perfectionist; a quiet man who brings an air of total competence to every job – and a man who absolutely will not compromise his work ethic for a ‘shortcut.’ His daily work is flawless…He is one of the ‘rocks’ upon which we have built our business…” Congratulations Bill; and thank you!

If you are considering a window film purchase, consider that type of work ethic before you buy. Our obsession with product knowledge and quality installation make Solar-X of Sarasota the “gold standard” in area window film contractors. We’ll put you with the right product for your needs, and the best people to “make it happen.” Call today.

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