Protect Your Christmas | Armorcoat Safety and Security Film

Christmas Burglary Home Intrusion“‘Tis the season to be jolly” shouldn’t mean providing gifts to those grinches who would break into our homes and steal them. It’s no secret that home burglaries spike during the Holidays as thieves grab whatever they can get for free. That beautiful tree and piles of presents on display in your front window is like a beacon to those who want to take advantage of a “five finger discount” on the latest iPod, laptop, or the season’s most popular toys.

One way to help keep thieves from stealing your Christmas (or anything else) is an application of impact-resistant Armorcoat® Safety and Security Window Film. Tough, resilient Armorcoat® can help keep glass in place if smashed; providing a strong deterrent to would-be burglars by making entry so difficult or noisy, that they will go elsewhere – in a hurry! Tested and proven to be an effective anti-theft product, Armorcoat® is also known to mitigate the dangers of flying glass, and will provide an elevated level of protection in case of violent weather. Armorcoat® is available in both “clear” and “sun control”  versions; so energy savings, increased comfort, and increased personal protection are all available in one affordable product.

Home security isn’t just something you should think of at Christmas.  Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film can help protect you from unwanted intrusion of all kinds; whether it is from heat, glare, fading, high winds – or burglary! And Solar-X of Sarasota  can install it expertly; with care and the attention to detail that has made us the area’s premier window film contractor for nearly four decades. Contact Solar-X today for a free estimate, and get the year-round security and peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. 


“Ho-Hum” Becomes “Sensational” With Decorative Window Film!

Decorative Window Films For Interior DesignBy any measure, the largest part of our business at Solar-X of Sarasota is the window film business – that is both “sun control” film and “safety and security” film. But a rapidly growing segment of our business is the sale and installation of decorative films – embossed, textured, patterned and frosted products that add a whole new dimension to the appearance of ordinary windows, doors, and mirrors.

These products can be used for both residential and commercial applications, and we are happy to show you any of the hundreds of films available!decorative-film-florida Homeowners love the appearance upgrade on shower doors, front entries that need privacy from the street,  home offices, glass-fronted kitchen cabinets, etc.  Businesses appreciate the privacy given to glass-walled conference rooms, partitions between work stations, reception areas, and glass doors into private offices. In addition, we can custom fabricate corporate logos, or unique creations that enhance glass appearance and add a “designer touch” – all at a cost that can be less than half the cost of actual etched glass.

Lakewood Ranch Country Club Window TintingFor large-scale applications, we can provide custom imaging done with solvent printing – a process where actual images can be printed on a clear film “base” and applied to large areas of glass to become a one-of-a-kind mural; or unique design. Or we can install printed “architectural wraps” on storefronts. Today’s printing technology can provide imagery with “high definition” optical clarity, and provide the business owner with a means to promote his or her business that is truly eye-catching!

No matter what you choose, Solar-X of Sarasota can provide the decorative products to take your glass from “so-so” to “sensational!” Contact Solar-X today for more information about these exciting products that can bring affordable elegance to your home or office setting. Decorative films are one more item that keep Solar-X in the top echelon of our industry, and help us to remain “the area leader since 1973.”

Beat Summer’s Heat With Window Film | Window Tinting

Cooling OffSummer’s heat is here with a vengeance. Record temperatures are being recorded all over the eastern and midwestern part of the country. Air conditioners are working full time everywhere to keep people comfortable in their homes, and power companies are under tremendous strain just to meet the demand. Yet oftentimes, going inside to “get out of the sun” brings no relief to those who want to cool off…

That’s because the sun’s heat pounds through their windows and sliding glass doors, creating uncomfortable “hot spots;” raising room temperatures, and forcing people to “crank down” the thermostat in a futile attempt to make the interior environment barely livable, let alone comfortable! Pulling draperies and blinds is only a partial “fix.” By blocking your body’s direct absorption of sunlight, it may make you feel some relief; but in truth the heat is already through the glass, where it will only be absorbed by the draperies and re-radiated into the room. It will still cause discomfort and you won’t do much to help your air conditioning  run less.

The best way to keep unwanted heat out of your home is to apply a quality window film such as SolarGard® or Panorama®. These films are capable of reducing heat input by as much as 82%! That means stopping heat intrusion before it ever comes through the glass. Window tinting allows your air conditioning to cool your space more effectively and more efficiently; reducing your electric bills and making your home a truly comfortable refuge from the relentless summer sun. And while these films are making you comfortable, they can lower your electric bill by as much as 30% and protect against interior fading by stopping 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been installing high quality window films such as SolarGard® and Panorama® for area residents since 1973! You’ll feel relief from the moment we start our installation, and the increase in comfort will astound you. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation estimate. Our experienced, factory-trained craftsmen will install your film promptly and courteously; making sure to leave your home as neat and clean as when they arrived. Expect – and get – the very best service available from Solar-X of Sarasota!

International Window Film Association To Speak At “Energy Day” | Window Tinting

IWFA to make presentation on window film performance and energy savings.

Energy Saving Products Sarasota FloridaOn October 13 in Washington, the Consumer Energy Alliance will be hosting its fourth annual “Energy Day;” a gathering of businesses, manufacturers, energy providers, and government entities (to name a few) who will meet to discuss various energy issues, and strategies to improve our nation’s energy security. For the first time, there will be a Sustainability Forum; with presentations by energy experts and business leaders highlighting how businesses and local governments have initiated programs to reduce energy consumption, boost energy efficiency, and improve sustainability.

Making a presentation this year will be the International Window Film Association (IWFA); representing over 6,000 member window film contractors and the industry’s premier window film manufacturers. Dedicated to educating the public as well as businesses and municipal governments about the performance and energy savings of window film; they will be a prominent contributor to the Sustainability Forum.

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be a member of IWFA, and has been a member since its inception. With a focus on educating the public, business, and government sectors on the advantages of window film in the field of energy conservation, the IWFA has been an essential representative of the window film industry. As our customer base becomes increasingly conscious of sustainability not only in our products’ performance, but in their manufacturing process as well; we are also proud that the manufacturer we represent is the only window film manufacturer whose products have been measured and certified to be carbon-negative! Over the life of the window film it will save 1001 times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that were expended in order to manufacture it!   

You can learn more about window film and its ability to aid the einvironment by calling Solar-X for a free, no-obligation consultation. We have been providing a better environment – inside and out – since 1973.

“WESCO Turf” Trims Heat Intrusion With Window Film, Sarasota FL

Toro® Distributor Chooses Solar-X of Sarasota Window Tinting To Cool Facilities

Factory-tinted glass windows and a large number of trees keep many of the gound floor offices at “WESCO Turf” cool and comfortable. But the second floor windows at the Sarasota Toro® Distributor are another matter altogether. Above the treeline and facing south and west; the windows in the training center let in huge amounts of heat and made the center very uncomfortable for those inside.

Sarasota Window TInting

Company management decided the time had come to take action, and contacted several local window tinting contractors to assess the job and submit proposals. After a consultation with company officials, a plan was submitted by Solar-X for an installation of SolarGard® “Solar Bronze” window film capable of reflecting 78% of the total solar energy.  The performance factor of the window film also qualified for the maximum allowable incentive from Florida Power and Light Company under their “commercial building envelope” program. As a “Participating  Independent Contractor” in that program Solar-X was able to secure an “up-front” incentive that made the purchase of window tinting all that more attractive.

Our professional approach, competitive pricing and reputation as a totally reliable vendor “sealed the deal,” and the job was completed without disruption of office routine in one day. Management was delighted with the efficient way in which the job was done, and we at Solar-X are happy to have contributed to their comfort. If you own or manage a business that is in need of comfort improvements, contact Solar-X today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you decide which product is best suited to solve your problems, and start you on the way to increased comfort and substantial energy savings.

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