Commercial – Energy Savings Credit EPAct Tax Credits

The 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act rewards energy-efficiency

To promote energy-efficiency and conservation, the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act extended the tax benefits from the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct) through 2013.  EPAct provides attractive tax incentives for installing specific energy improvements to commercial building property.

*Tax deductions are available to buildings within the United States that place energy improvements in service between Jan. 1, 2006 and Dec. 31, 2013. Deductions are then adjusted for 40% corporate tax rate.

The act is designed to reward businesses that implement more than one technology or product. While a one-time partial tax deduction is available for an upgrade of any one system (lighting, HVAC, and building envelope), additional technologies can net far greater tax incentives. The goal is to encourage building owners to identify as many energy savings opportunities as possible.

Window film is a very attractive technology due to its ease of implementation and relative low cost and is classified in the building envelope category. By itself, window film can provide from 5% to 15% savings of total energy used, but likely will not meet the minimum energy savings threshold required to qualify for the tax deduction.

However, when implemented in combination with other products and technologies (such as lighting or HVAC, which can each net a savings of up to 50%) window film can provide a significant boost in the deduction amount available to building owners because they can claim multiple energy savings technologies and apply for higher deduction amounts, up to the $1.80 maximum allowed per square foot.

Window film improves energy-efficiency of existing windows
Solar Gard offers a wide range of energy-efficient window film products that can be installed to upgrade your existing windows. Solar Gard window films reject considerable amounts of solar energy, which leads to lower maintenance costs for air conditioning and higher comfort.

Building owners are often encouraged to upgrade their existing windows. Replacing windows can be a very costly project, in terms of expense, time for implementation, and disruption to on-going business activities. Installing Solar Gard film on existing windows is a cost effective alternative that can be accomplished quickly and professionally, without interrupting business operations or disturbing building occupants.

Book energy savings while preserving the way your glass looks
Solar Gard’s state-of-the-art film products, the latest generation of spectrally selective films, combine high clarity and high performance. The amount of daylight entering the building is optimized with high “visible light transmission” properties, while simultaneously providing excellent solar performance to reject solar heat. This allows building owners and managers to preserve the original appearance of the building and increase occupant satisfaction.

Also, with the ever increasing threat of terrorism, severe weather and burglary – all leading to potential glass breakage – Solar Gard offers a range of clear, energy-efficient safety & security films. These films combine a barrier against these threats with very powerful energy-savings.

Create a better environment inside and out
Installing window film on your property is a natural extension to your energy savings commitment. With the added incentives provided by EPAct, now is the time to make the commitment to the environment and to your occupants before this deduction expires. If you are currently pursuing an EPAct strategy, be sure to include window film in your plans. If you would like more information on how to get started, contact your local energy and tax consultants.

Q: How do I remove existing window film or tint?

A:  Simple, Call Solar-X!  :)  Seriously, removing window film can be a daunting task for even the professional installer.  There are no special  chemicals or magic solutions other than elbow grease and quality razor scrapers.  The removal process can be dangerous (glass breakage) and very tedious; every removal is unique.  Solar-X offers the most comprehensive window film removal service available.  Contact Us to explore how we can make your film disappear!

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Q: How do I clean my windows after a film installation?

A:  Though your installers will leave your windows spotless, eventually the film will need to be cleaned.  We recommend using about a half teaspoon of typical dish detergent such as Joy, or Palmolive mixed with water in a quart spray bottle.  Spray a light mist on the window film and wipe clean with a soft paper towel or use a quality squeegee.  It is important to avoid abrasive rags, newspapers and cheap paper towels as they can scratch the film.  We would recommend Bounty paper towels.  Our installation crew also carries Solar Majik; a special cleaner formulated for preserving your window film.  Retail cost is $6.95 plus tax for a 16oz. spray bottle.

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