Think You’re Safe From UV Light Indoors? Think again…

For forty years, Solar-X of Sarasota has been installing window film for clients whose main concern is protecting their drapes, carpets, and furnishings from sun fading. Every one of those clients knows that the single strongest source of fading is ultraviolet light; yet it is truly surprising how few make the connection between ultraviolet light, and the fact that – even indoors – they are subject to premature aging of skin and skin cancer, as well eye damage. Every hour that your windows admit visible light (daylight), they are admitting invisible light (ultraviolet). If it can damage your furnishings, it can surely damage your skin and eyes – even indoors!

As thousands of Baby Boomers move to Florida and settle into the “retirement” lifestyle, they would be  well advised to consider an application of SolarGard® sun control film for their home windows. SolarGard® films block 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays that otherwise pass right through glass. For that reason, SolarGard® window films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation; and many dermatologists recommend window film to their clients. Window films don’t need to be “dark” to block all the UV, so you can fill your home with beautiful, natural daylight and still protect your skin and your eyes from cataracts and the damage that comes from long term exposure to ultraviolet light. Many of today’s window films are virtually undetectable while still reducing substantial amounts of heat and glare; so you will be creating a more comfortable interior environment, without compromising your views or interior light levels.

SolarGard® window films come in many different densities and appearances to suit individual tastes. Installation is quick and very affordable, so contact Solar-X of Sarasota today, and let us protect both you and your home from damaging ultraviolet light. Our experienced installation craftsmen will install your window film with attention to detail and the pride that comes from being “the area’s premier window film contractor since 1973.” Solar-X of Sarasota is rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Bulk Nation Solves Heat Issues Before Opening | Window Film

The management team at Bulk Nation knew right away that they were going to have problems with the sun streaming through their west-facing storefront. The store specializes in bulk sales of snacks, pastas, spices, and other foodstuffs that can all be affected by the sun – especially the “candy” section! The heat pouring in through the nine-foot-tall windows was intense, and large amounts of merchandise near the windows stood to get ruined. Large losses of merchandise don’t make for a smart business model; so before the store even opened, they called Solar-X of Sarasota to help them tame the sun and protect their goods.

A veteran firm with forty years in the window film business, Solar-X knew just what to do to help solve the problem. Added to that problem, however, was the urgency for immediate installation of the film prior to the planned opening of the business. Understanding and accomodating the needs of their clients has helped Solar-X of Sarasota develop the reputation of the “go to” firm when time is of the essence. Our installation crew went to work outside of our already busy schedule to get this job done ASAP; making the area near the front of the store more comfortable, and most importantly, protecting the merchandise from loss due to sun damage. 

Putting the needs of our clients above everything else has been our “Number 1″ priority since Solar-X of Sarasota opened in 1973. No matter how urgent; if we can help, we will be there, with top quality SolarGard® window films and experienced installation personnel that are second to none in attention to detail and overall customer satisfaction. Contact Solar-X today to get your next project off to a great start! Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Thinking “Outside the Box” With Window Tinting | Sarasota Florida

“Multi-faceted” Window Film Solves Many Window Woes

Window Film Sarasota FlSome things just can’t be put in one box. Mention the term “window film” or “window tinting” and people will say “it stops heat.”  Some will say, “it reduces fading”, while others say “it saves energy.” Some will mention that window film is “green,” or “eco-friendly,” while others think “storm protection.” How can a single product elicit so many answers? Because it can do all of the above and more!

In today’s environmentally conscious society, and in an economy where everyone is interested in saving money, an application of window film can be appropriate for any of the above reasons. Homeowners may be concerned with “comfort,” or “anti-fade,” or even the “security and protection” aspects. Commercial property managers may concern themselves with window film’s “eco-friendly” energy-saving properties. Perhaps their interest lies in the fact that window film is eligible for certain tax credits, power company rebates, or can even help qualify a building for LEED certification. Window film will do that as well, and remember that window film can do all this while being virtually undetectable!

Today, identifying and addressing problems associated with heat intrusion, fading, and glass areas goes far beyond “traditional” window treatments. Our extensive line of SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat® window tinting and safety film products can provide powerful protection against any sun-related problems you may have. Let Solar-X of Sarasota put together a complete window design package that will meet all of your needs. From initial consultation to final execution, we are ready to assist you with top-quality products and installation!

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