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Summer Cove 2Decorative films and custom graphics are something that can make your home or office space unique. You can customize your interior environment with any number of things. “Off the shelf” decorative films are easily applied to windows, mirrors, shower doors, and front entries. Custom fabricated images that look like expensive etched glass can done in geometric patterns, or images that match your sense of style; whether they are flowers, birds, or nature scenes. Finally, virtually any image can be printed on clear film, and applied to glass! There no limits to the things that you can do!

People passing by can see right into your home through the glass front doors and sidelights. How about that big window over the tub in the master bath? Frosted and decorative films can give you a sense of privacy (and security) without losing light! So much more practical than window treatments that flop around every time you open the door – and so much more “eye-popping!”

Add a whole new look at the office; starting with a custom crafted logo on the entry. Or, add a privacy factor to glass partitions,  interior conference room panels and training areas where outside distractions are unwanted. The look is clean, uncluttered, and all business! It can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass. Best of all, it can be done with no muss and no fuss. Etching can be a real hassle – the mess of sandblasting, taking the glass out and replacing it after it is done – but frosted films can be applied quickly and without any disruption! Any fabrication is done at our facility and not where you conduct business.  Before you know it, the look of your office has been fundamentally changed!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been the area leader in decorative film as well as sun control film for forty years, with clients from Palmetto and Parrish, to Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.   Count on us to get your job done right, with the area’s most experienced installation technicians and award-winning products such as SolarGard® and SolarGard® Panorama® sun control and safety films, or the hundreds of high-quality decorative products we have available. Contact Solar-X today for a free consultation and estimate. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

“Wine Country” Comes To Lakewood Ranch Country Club | Architectural Wraps | Window Tinting

Lakewood Ranch Country Club Window TintingSeveral months ago Lakewood Ranch Country Club decided to dedicate a room within the clubhouse to the enjoyment of fine wines – an area with the ambiance of a private wine cellar; where members could sip their personal favorites or find a new one. The room dedicated to this purpose has a glass wall with entry; and club management wanted to add something – a decorative touch that would be subtle, but add a level of separation and a sense of some privacy from people passing by on their way to other function rooms within the club.   Shane Pringle, Assistant Director of Food and Beverage Services approached Solar-X of Sarasota for any suggestions we might have. Senior sales representative Brian Gregg had what turned out to be just the right solution.

Brian suggested an “architectural wrap“; in this case an image of Lakewood Ranch Window Tintingtrees and vineyards – very subtle, in tones of black and grey with a slightly frosted effect – a process called UV solvent printing. The image allows people to see in and out of the room, but adds a certain “feel” of privacy, and a sense of being in the wine regions of Europe. After approval of the sample image, an order was placed and the product arrived in plenty of time for the scheduled installation prior to opening. The “pieces” of the image were checked for proper alignment, and installed on the glass wall, where bystanders watched while the picture took shape. A short while later, the wall was transformed into the image you see above (click on the image to enlarge), and club management  couldn’t be happier with the job. The final touch of ambiance is now in place, and the room is ready to be enjoyed by all who pass through those beautiful doors!

Whether it is high quality window film, Lakewood Ranch Window Treatmentsdecorative vinyls, or today’s most sophisticated printed “wraps,” Solar-X of Sarasota has the talent and experience to bring your ideas to life. Call us with any idea that brings together “art” and “applied products” and we’ll deliver a finished product that will amaze you. Whether you are an architect specifying products for a project, or a homeowner who wants to add “something” to a plain glass door, we have the products. Contact us today, and we’ll get you started!