New Van, “Smart Tags” Are A Hit! | Solar-X of Sarasota

In late August, the new Solar-X van hit the road for the first time, and already we’ve had some very favorable comments. People really like the color scheme, clean look, and easy readability. Sporting a beautiful “wrap” by Suncoast Sign Shop in Bradenton, the new Ford van also incorporates QR “smart tags” in the design. Easily scanned by any smart phone, the tags will take you directly to a page within our website that offers discounts exclusive to those who “scan the van.”  While there, take the time to thoroughly explore our website. It’s full of information about our SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat™ film products; design ideas for decorative films, test data, and educational materials that will help you make the right decision about which films are best for your home or office needs. When done, call Solar-X at any of our convenient phone numbers, or go right to our contact page. We’ll respond right away; sending a knowledgeable sales consultant to your home or office to listen to your needs, make recommendations for the most appropriate film, and quote you a price. You’ll be delighted with how affordable these premium quality window films really are!

SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat™ window films are industry-leading products that stop up to 82% of the sun’s heat, 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light, and will make your glass safer for you and your family. From traditional films to today’s most sophisticated “spectrally selective” films such as “HiLite™” clear solar protection, Solar-X of Sarasota has them all; and we will install them with the most experienced installation technicians available anywhere!

At Solar-X of Sarasota, we are constantly striving to make it easy for you to become a client. We’re passionate about what we do, we want your business, and utilizing “smart tag” technology is just one more example of our forward thinking mind set. So when you see the new van on the road, in your neighbor’s driveway, or your condo parking lot, “scan the van,” and contact Solar-X. You’ll see why we’ve been the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973.

Boost Comfort, Cut Energy Costs | Commercial Window Tinting

green building window filmFacility managers are constantly tasked with finding ways to reduce energy costs; in the areas of consumption, as well as system operating and maintenance costs. In office buildings, the two most obvious places to look for savings are in lighting efficiency, and air conditioning costs – and a good starting point for both is with the windows…

Windows let in light; and the more daylight that is let in, the less artificial lighting is needed. You don’t pay for electricity when the switch is “off.” Natural daylight imparts a sense of well-being, and large expanses of glass allow desirable views.  However, windows also let in huge amounts of undesirable heat, and that drives up air conditioning costs. So how do you let in light and reduce heat at the same time?

According to The U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the most cost-effective way to upgrade a building’s windows is to install window film*. That’s a pretty clear statement from a source that knows what they are talking about. High quality window films such as SolarGard® and Panorama® will let in light, preserve desirable views, and reduce heat intrusion by as much as 82%! Energy consumption is reduced by as much as 30%, and the reduced running time of the HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) system means lower maintenance and repair costs. That means when calculating payback, the cost of the film can be spread over multiple levels. Finally, if “green” technology is on your list of considerations; SolarGard® and Panorama® are not only “carbon-negative;” they qualify for LEED credits under six different catagories!

Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s largest SolarGard® and Panorama® dealer, has been helping facility managers lower their energy costs and boost their comfort levels since 1973. We can help you get utility rebates, accurately predict savings with a detailed energy analysis; provide exceptional warranty coverage, and install your window film with no disruption to office routine – all with a level of professionalism that is unmatched in the area.   Contact Solar-X today, and let us help you get started!

* “Cost Effective Building Envelope Options for Reducing Cooling Loads to Commercial Buildings,”
   Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California.

Window Film – The Best “Toolbox” Product For Problem Windows

Windows are so ubiquitous in our homes and workplaces that we seldom think about their effect on our daily lives. But there is a “duality” to windows in terms of how they affect our interior environment. On one hand, they let in light, provide enjoyable views, impart a feeling of well-being, and increase productivity. On the other hand, they let in excessive heat, bothersome glare, and dangerous UV light. They also present a safety issue in the case of accidental contact, and a security issue relative to burglary, explosions, violent weather, and earthquakes.

Homeowners and Facilty Managers alike seek to increase the comfort of their homes or buildings while reducing their utlity bills. They want to minimize annoying glare while preserving their views. They want to protect their homes and work environments from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light, and they certainly want to provide an environment that is safe from the dangers of accidents or flying glass.  

The only way they can accomplish all those objectives without “breaking the bank” is through the use of a multi-faceted “toolbox” product; and that product is efficient, affordable window film.  Quality products such as SolarGard®, Panorama®, and SolarGard® “Armorcoat™” can stop up to 82% of the sun’s heat and glare. They can provide protection against interior fading, premature aging, and skin cancer by eliminating 99%+ of the ultraviolet light. The proven performance of Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Film puts fears to rest regarding accidents, flying glass, or other security issues. And finally, window film can be installed with a minimum of disruption or “down time” – allowing for business as usual throughout the entire process.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been providing the safety and comfort of these quality window films  to area home and business owners for over 38 years! Our unrivaled product knowledge and extensive training allows us to ascertain the best product for each building’s unique needs; and our experienced installation craftsmen will carefully and efficiently see your job through to completion. Contact Solar-X today to get the ball rolling with a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation, and experience the service that has made us “the area leader since 1973.”

No Surprises Here – Window Film Works! | Window Tinting

Window Film dealer sarasota FloridaOne thing that we at Solar-X of Sarasota have learned over nearly four decades of being in the window tinting business is that once people buy window film products, they are customers for life! It’s impossible to relate all the people who have said, “I had this installed on my last house, and it made such an incredible difference, that I wouldn’t own a home without it!”

Why? Because window film works! From the day it is installed, it does everything that it is advertised to do. It very effectively reduces the heat, glare, and fading that degrade your comfort and interior environment. It is affordable. It makes glass safer by helping to retain glass fragments if the window is broken. It can save up to 30% and more on your utility bills, and its performance is certifed by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Who doesn’t want a more comfortable home? Who doesn’t want to protect their furnishings, artwork, and other prized possessions from the harm of ultraviolet light? And who doesn’t want to save money? One recent client called to say that his film installation had dropped the temperature in a problematic and uncomfortable master bedroom by seven degrees! Now he wants the rest of the house done. That’s certainly no surprise!

At Solar-X of Sarasota, we have been selling and installing quality window films like SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat™ since 1973. And we aren’t about to run out of customers any time soon.  Our reputation for quality products and expert installation keeps our phone ringing with calls from both new customers, and “old friends” – clients who have come back many times. They know our products are backed by some of the best warranty coverage in the business, and their satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate from the area’s window film experts.

Labor Day Is Here – But Summer Isn’t Over! | Window Tinting

Cooling OffIt’s Labor Day Weekend! Up the coast on Cape Cod, Long Island, Nantucket and Martha’s Vinyard, people will be closing up their “summer homes” and getting ready for the Fall and Winter weather. But here in Florida we still have plenty of hot summer weather left to contend with. That means the sun is still blasting through windows and glass doors; causing severe discomfort and fading of drapes, carpeting, furniture and artwork. But you won’t have to put up with sun-related issues like that if you install a quality window film such as SolarGard®, Panorama®, or Armorcoat™.

SolarGard® and Panorama® films will stop up to 82% of the sun’s heat and glare; as well as 99%+ of the harmful ultraviolet rays that can ruin your interior furnishings – and your skin! With a minimum SPF factor of 285+, these efficient yet affordable products (recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation) can protect you, your family, and your home from the damage and premature aging associated with ultraviolet exposure. And of course; by stopping up to 82% of the sun’s heat from overloading your air conditioning system, you will enjoy comfort you only dreamed of, while saving up to 30% and more on your electric bills. Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Film not only stops heat, glare and fading, but brings an additional level of protection to your windows by helping to keep the glass in place if broken by things such as accidental contact –  even by attempted burglary or unexpected winds.

All you need to do is contact Solar-X of Sarasota for a free, no-obligation estimate; and you too can enjoy all the comfort, energy savings, and safety benefits that our high-quality window films can provide. At Solar-X we have been providing the best in products and installation for nearly 40 years. Home– and business owners alike know our reputation for “top shelf” products and unmatched installation craftsmanship. Our films will keep you cool, comfortable, and protected for years to come, so contact Solar-X today. The area’s leading window film contractor since 1973!

Protecting Your Interior Environment | Window Tinting

Everyone loves a bright, “airy” home. Large glass areas let in plenty of light and impart a feeling of well-being that creates a haven to be enjoyed by the whole family. But those sunny areas can also let in too much heat, glare, and harmful ultraviolet light. Heat; of course, creates discomfort and “hot spots” near windows, as well as overloading air conditioning systems and making your utility bills skyrocket. Glare can ruin your viewing pleasure, hurt your eyes, and affect your ability to see your TV or computer screen. Ultraviolet light is even more insidious. It causes fading of drapes, carpeting, artwork, hardwood floors – everything that makes your home…your home! It also causes skin cancer, premature aging, and damage to the eyes. And wherever you have visible light coming through your windows, you have invisble – ultraviolet – light, coming in with it.

All of these issues can be addressed with one affordable installation of high quality SolarGard® or Panorama® window film. Available in a number of colors and densities, these tested and proven products will reduce up to 82% of the unwanted heat entering your windows, providing a uniform, stable comfort condition that keeps your home cooler and eliminates eye-watering glare. An amazing SPF Factor of 285+ will protect you, your home, and your family from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. SolarGard® and Panorama®  films can lower your utility bills by 30% and more; and they are “carbon-negative” – so while you are saving money and protecting your family, you are also doing something good for the environment.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been helping area residents improve the quality of their interior environment for nearly four decades; bringing comfort and safety to thousands of homes. We can help you decide which film best suits your needs and fits your overall lifestyle. Our factory-trained, experienced installation craftsmen will install your window film with unmatched attention to detail; ensuring your total satisfaction. And you’ll feel better knowing that your home and family’s well-being are protected.  Contact Solar-X today!

Wall Street? Hah! Get A Better Return With Window Film!

How’s your 401(k) doing? Are you having fun watching the stock market go up and down like a yo-yo? Putting money into cash won’t make you any appreciable income, and CD’s aren’t doing much better. . .

So where can you get a good return on your money? Well, you might want to think about investing in energy-saving products for your home – for  no other reason than to save money! We at Solar-X of Sarasota would suggest that you consider investing in window film as one of the most cost-effective home energy saving products available.  It may not be as exciting as the “white knuckle” ride on the Dow Jones rollercoaster, but quality window films like SolarGard®, and Panorama® are a sound investment that can routinely help people save 30% and more on their utility bills. That’s real money you can put in your pocket. Films can pay for themselves in two or three years – even less! You’re not going to get that kind of return in this market. And when you throw in all the benefits of a more comfortable interior environment, furnishings that are protected from harmful ultraviolet light, and the elimination of eye-watering glare; that investment can begin to look pretty darned attractive. 

That investment is environmentally sound too. Both SolarGard® and Panorama® window films are certified “carbon-negative” by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC).

Savings can start the day you install these attractive, affordable products! And the cool, restful comfort you’ll enjoy right from the start will alone make every penny of your investment worthwhile. From Bradenton to Lakewood Ranch; Sarasota and Venice, Solar-X  has been making people comfortable and saving them money for nearly four decades. Experience, integrity, and quality products have made us the area’s premier window film contractor since 1973. Contact us today!

Window Tinting and Your Budget | Solar-X of Sarasota

Oftentimes, when we are contacted by a potential client, they say, “I’m on a limited budget, but I do want to save energy and make my home more comfortable. Do I have to install your product on every window of my home to get any benefit from it?…”

The answer is, “Absolutely not!” Though it would be fair to say you will probably maximize any potential savings with a total installation package, you can get plenty of  “bang for your buck” by starting with your most troublesome windows! The family room sliding doors that get pounded all day by the sun; turning the room into an oven and creating so much glare you can’t see the TV. The west-facing bedrooms that don’t cool down to a comfortable level until midnight.  You get the picture…

Our Quality SolarGard® and Panorama® window films will stop up to 82 % of the sun’s heat from ever coming through your glass. That eliminates the “hot spots” near the windows, and helps keep rooms cool and comfortable. It can also save 30% and more on your electric bills. And while these films are saving you money, they are protecting your carpeting, drapes, and furnishings from fading and “sun rot” by stopping 99%+ of the ultraviolet light -the same harmful light that causes skin cancer.

At Solar-X of Sarasota, we are happy to work with you and your budget. We can save you money and help you achieve your most important goal – making your home more comfortable – by helping you prioritize which windows need film the most. And even if your budget calls for only “a few windows at a time,” we’ll be delighted to work with you in any way that we can.  Great service, products, and workmanship have made us the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973. Contact Solar-X today, and let us help you enjoy all the benefits of window film while staying within your budget.

A Cool New Office For Ackerman Plumbing | Window Tinting

Ackerman Plumbing SarasotaEven before Ackerman Plumbing moved into their new location at Whitfield Park Loop, they knew they were going to have to do something about reducing the heat that was pouring through the sixteen foot tall windows on the East and South side of their building. The windows  let in a wonderful amount of light; but in order to function as a comfortable and productive space, management decided they had to get pricing on installing window film. They were hoping that window film could reduce the heat input  and still preserve the pleasing effect of the large and airy window area.

Several window film contractors were called, and after careful consideration, Solar-X of Sarasota was chosen to install SolarGard® “Silver 20™” window film. Solar-X has been providing expert commercial installation to our clients for nearly forty years; and Silver 20™ is the classic “workhorse” window film.  No frills;  high performance – stopping 79% of the sun’s heat, glare, and 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light. The attractive, softly reflective appearance modernizes the building, providing daytime privacy and a uniform architectural appearance.

Another pressing concern was coordinating all the trades that had to refurbish the office space prior to moving in. Solar-X has a proven track record of working with clients to make sure that their work is completed on time, every time. And even though there were some delays that forced us to reschedule our original installation date, we were still able to get in and complete our work in plenty of time for the “move-in.”

Now, the interior space is not only comfortable, it is fully usable right up to the windows. The softly reflective surface of the film adds to the overall appearance of the building. Most importantly, Ackerman Plumbing is saving “about $100.00 per month”  on their utility bills, based on what the former tenants were paying. That puts the payoff period at about two and a half years. Comfort and Savings is what we at Solar-X do best!

In Sarasota, or anywhere in Florida – for expert commerical installation, top quality film products, and timely delivery – contact Solar-X today. The area’s premier window film contractor since 1973.

A Good Product in a Bad Economy | Window Film and Tinting

Solar-X of Sarasota: Providing Window Film Solutions Since 1973

Graph/ChartEven in a bad economy, we at Solar-X of Sarasota still believe there are more opportunities for window film sales than ever before. One only needs to look at all the applications for window film products to understand why.

Both residential and commercial consumers are taking sun control film more seriously due to utility company rebates, tax credits, and window film’s proven ability to reduce energy use and lower utility bills. Performance certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) also adds credibity. Perhaps most importantly, our clients are always impressed by the quality, performance, and outstanding warranty coverage of our SolarGard® and Panorama® window films.

Safety and security-minded clients trust our tested and proven Armorcoat® films to protect their homes and offices; based on the ability of Armorcoat® to provide a strong deterrent to burglaries, break ins, and home invasion. A sad by-product of hard times, we are seeing more inquiries from homeowners who are aware of increased burglaries in their neighborhoods, and business owners who want to protect themselves from theft. Armorcoat® film may provide the protection they need by increasing the impact resistance of the glass and making it harder to gain entry.

Interest in decorative films continues, with many budget-minded clients wanting to achieve an upscale look on entry doors, shower glass, and atrium windows without the expense of using etched or patterned glass. Our commercial clients continue to take an interest in our ablity to created “etched” logos and provide a custom “privacy” look to conference rooms, glass-fronted offices, and glass partitions using state-of-the-art computerized plotting and cutting equipment.

Even in this economy, clients will continue to have needs that these high quality products can affordably address. Satisfying our clients’ needs has been our top priority at Solar-X of Sarasota since 1973. That’s what makes us the area’s premier window film installation contractor. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Commercial Buildings and Runaway Energy Costs | Window Film

Large Commercial BuildingsThe amount of energy consumed by commercial buildings is staggering, and it only seems to be going up. Increased demand for energy has more causes than anyone can count – whether it comes from tenants demanding higher comfort standards, or aging HVAC equipment that is no longer as efficient as it once was, window glazing that allows air leakage, improperly placed thermostats – the list goes on and on…

Energy budgets are virtually “under siege.” With ever-increasing maintenance costs, prices for new equipment going through the roof, and little or no money available for capital expenditures, it is no wonder that facility mangers are tearing out their hair. They are looking for affordable ways to cut energy costs while maintaining an acceptable level of equipment maintenance and service. In many cases, an installation of high-quality SolarGard® or Panorama® window film is the perfect solution for their needs.

Window film can stop up to 82% of the sun’s heat from entering a building. Stopping that much heat eliminates comfort complaints by office personnel and increases productivity. It also significantly lowers utility bills. The HVAC system runs less, so “wear and tear” maintenance costs are less.  It can be installed immediately, with no disruption of office routine. Window film is very affordable; and since it lasts for many years, the return on  investment is fast – paying for itself many times over during it’s useful life. Film can help you qualify for LEED credits under six different catagories, it’s performance certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and is eligible for hefty rebates from area utility companies. It gives you a better return on investment than low-e glass at a fraction of the cost, and all you have to do to start saving is pick up the phone…

One call to Solar-X of Sarasota will get things moving for you. As a participating independent FPL contractor, we can ascertain which of your windows qualify for an incentive and what amount it will be. Energy consumption models can give you an accurate ROI. And our experienced professionals will get your window film installed swiftly and without interruption to personnel. That’s why we have been the Sarasota area’s leading window film contractor for nearly forty years! Contact Solar-X of Sarasota today, and start getting your energy costs under control!

Beat Summer’s Heat With Window Film | Window Tinting

Cooling OffSummer’s heat is here with a vengeance. Record temperatures are being recorded all over the eastern and midwestern part of the country. Air conditioners are working full time everywhere to keep people comfortable in their homes, and power companies are under tremendous strain just to meet the demand. Yet oftentimes, going inside to “get out of the sun” brings no relief to those who want to cool off…

That’s because the sun’s heat pounds through their windows and sliding glass doors, creating uncomfortable “hot spots;” raising room temperatures, and forcing people to “crank down” the thermostat in a futile attempt to make the interior environment barely livable, let alone comfortable! Pulling draperies and blinds is only a partial “fix.” By blocking your body’s direct absorption of sunlight, it may make you feel some relief; but in truth the heat is already through the glass, where it will only be absorbed by the draperies and re-radiated into the room. It will still cause discomfort and you won’t do much to help your air conditioning  run less.

The best way to keep unwanted heat out of your home is to apply a quality window film such as SolarGard® or Panorama®. These films are capable of reducing heat input by as much as 82%! That means stopping heat intrusion before it ever comes through the glass. Window tinting allows your air conditioning to cool your space more effectively and more efficiently; reducing your electric bills and making your home a truly comfortable refuge from the relentless summer sun. And while these films are making you comfortable, they can lower your electric bill by as much as 30% and protect against interior fading by stopping 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light.

Solar-X of Sarasota has been installing high quality window films such as SolarGard® and Panorama® for area residents since 1973! You’ll feel relief from the moment we start our installation, and the increase in comfort will astound you. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation estimate. Our experienced, factory-trained craftsmen will install your film promptly and courteously; making sure to leave your home as neat and clean as when they arrived. Expect – and get – the very best service available from Solar-X of Sarasota!

Performance And Quality Means Repeat Business | Window Film

Proven Performance of Window Film Keeps Clients Coming Back

Performance RibbonA very high percentage of our clients are “past customers;” home or business owners who have had window tinting installed on their windows in the past, and who now won’t do without it. Why? Because window film works! Heat and glare streaming through windows is reduced; “hot spots” near problem windows are stabilized, and dangerous ultraviolet rays are eliminated – protecting interior spaces and the people who occupy them. An exceptional  level of comfort is achieved along with the added benefit of reduced utility bills – up to 30%!

 So, oftentimes when our phone rings, it is a past customer who wants more work done. A homeowner for whom we did a few rooms now wants their entire house done. Or, perhaps they have purchased a new home, and want the same protection and comfort they had in the past. The point is, they keep coming back for the proven benefits that quality window films consistently provide

Quality Products and Installation Create Customer Loyalty

There are no higher quality products sold than SolarGard®, Armorcoat™, or Panorama® window films. Outstanding optical clarity, appearance, longevity, and superior warranty coverage make these industry-leading films stand out against competitive products. Also, their commitment to environmental responsibility make them unique in the film industry. All SolarGard® amd Panorama® films are certified “carbon-negative,” and are the only window film products supported by an Environmental Product Declaration.

And you won’t find a dealer more commited to quality installation than Solar-X of Sarasota. In business for nearly forty years, our product knowledge and installation skills are unmatched; with an obsession for quality and customer satisfaction that only comes from factory training and continued education. That’s why, again and again, our clients come back for more; and they tell their friends about us too! Before you make a window film purchase, see what we’re about. Contact us today for service in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, or for statewide commercial contracting. Solar-X  of Sarasota. The area leader since 1973.

There’s Window Film . . . And There’s Panorama Window Film

Clearer, Lighter, Eco-Friendly, Best Warranty. This Window Film Has It All!

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLIf you’re going to spend your money on a window film product to protect your home from heat, glare, and fading, you’d better like what you see once it is installed. That’s why you should install Panorama® Window Film. A premium quality offering from the industry-leading makers of  SolarGard®, these exceptional sun control and safety window film products will delight you with their superior optical clarity and natural light levels. Panorama® films let in more light and stop more heat than traditional films; without the highly reflective appearance. In fact, Panorama® “HiLite 70™” has the best “visible light-to-heat reduction” ratio in the industry!

Panorama’s low reflectance allows for marked improvement in both day and night time viewing through your windows. During the day, natural light streams through without the discomfort of heat overload; and at night, the lack of annoying “roomside” reflectance gives the windows a much more pleasing appearance than other film products.

No longer do you need to worry about discomfort from heat intrusion, or the damage from ultraviolet light. Since Panorama® window films are performance certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), you can be assured they perform as advertised. Because you’re reducing your energy consumption,  greenhouse gases associated with energy production are reduced, so you’re helping the environment. And the Panorama® “Premier Plus” Warranty protects you with the most expansive warranty coverage available anywhere.Premier Plus Logo

You can get your Panorama® window film exclusively from Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973.  Installed to the most exacting standards by our factory-trained installation craftsmen. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right For. . . Window Tinting!

Summer Heat WaveWell, there’s no doubt about it…Summer is here with a vengeance! It’s just plain hot outside, and electric bills are going through the roof! But you can combat high utility bills and make your home more comfortable with a simple, affordable application of quality SolarGard® or Panorama® sun control film. Your windows and sliding glass doors let the sun stream through; overloading your air conditioning; creating “hot spots” near the windows, causing eye-watering glare, and fading your furniture. But you don’t need to put up with that!

One phone call to Solar-X of Sarasota is all it takes to bring immediate comfort to you and your family. We’ll come out to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation, help you determine which product is best for your particular problem, and send our factory-trained installation technicians out to apply your window film to our exacting quality standards. An application of SolarGard® or Panorama® is fast, very affordable, and the results are immediate! You’ll be feeling more comfortable with every piece of film installed; your “utility bill blues” will be a thing of the past, and you’ll also feel better knowing that your furnishings, drapes, carpeting – and your loved ones – are thoroughly protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. And every installation of superior quality SolarGard® and Panorama® window film is backed in writing by industry-leading warranty coverage!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been helping people in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice improve the quality and comfort of their indoor environment for nearly forty years.  Don’t go through another summer suffering from the discomfort of an overloaded air conditioning system, when such affordable relief is only a phone call away. Contact Solar-X today. You’ll be glad you did!

May Is “Ultraviolet Awareness Month” | Window Tinting

Sometimes Painful. Potentially Fatal. Never Underestimate UV ‘s Dangers!

May is “Ultraviolet Awareness Month;” and as residents of the “Sunshine State” we would be foolish if we weren’t aware of the dangers associated with this part of the light spectrum. UVA causes premature aging and wrinkling of your skin. UVB causes sunburn and skin cancer. UVC is the most dangerous, but thankfully; is almost entirely absorbed by the ozone layer.

Ultraviolet can contribute to cataracts, Macular Degeneration, and other eyesight woes. UV destroys things through a process called “photodissociation;” which breaks down molecules in fabric and causes fading of furniture. The same process destroys tissues, causes skin cancer, and contributes to eye injuries. That’s why we wear “sun block,” sunglasses and hats when we venture outdoors for the day.

It is also why people install sun control window films such as SolarGard® and Panorama®. These quality films protect your interior furnishings, drapes, carpets and flooring, and your family by stopping 99% of the harmful UV with an SPF factor of over 285+!  What is the SPF factor of your sunscreen?

For almost 40 years, we at Solar-X of Sarasota have been talking to clients about window film’s ability to keep homes and offices cooler, make occupants more comfortable, and reduce energy consumption. But more importantly, window film can contibute to your family’s well being by protecting them from the intrusion of UV into your home. SolarGard® and Panorama® films are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for this reason. SolarGard® is once again proud to be a sponsor of this year’s “Road To Healthy Skin Tour;” an educational and cancer screening cross-country tour coming soon to a town near you.

Contact Solar-X today!  “A Better Environment – Inside and Out” is not just an empty slogan to us. Expect – and get – the very best, from Solar-X of Sarasota. Since 1973.

Why Should I Buy Panorama Window Film? | Window Tinting

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLAt Solar-X of Sarasota, we take a lot of pride in our “pedigree” – who we are, why we are an award-winning company, how long we’ve been in business, and the quality of our products and workmanship – but we really enjoy it when someone asks, “why should I buy from you  guys; what is it about you that sets you apart from the competition?” Well…

To start, we are a SolarGard® “Panorama®” window film dealer. That means we have an exclusive right to sell what is arguably the highest quality window film in this business – Panorama® – from an acknowledged industry leader – SolarGard®

     •  Panorama® dealers are selected by SolarGard® on the basis of their
         expertise and their superior level of customer service.
     •  Panorama® dealers represent the most elite and knowledgeable dealers
         in the film industry, who can properly assess their clients’ needs and
         install the optimal product for that job. Panorama is the only window
         film brand that requires their dealers to take continuing education
         courses in order to maintain their “active dealer” status. You can rest
         assured that we will always be “up-to-date” on the best films to install
         on today’s more sophisticated glazing; and be able to assist you in 
         choosing a product that best suits your individual needs.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer some of the most technologically advanced
          products available today.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer the only window films to be proven “carbon-
         negative;” and have that data backed up by the largest Environmental
         Product Declaration ever acheived.
     •  Solar-X of Sarasota is an award-winning Panorama® “Premier Plus”
         Warranty dealer. Premier Plus offers the most comprehensive
         warranty coverage available in the industry today. Premier Plus Logo
There are many other reasons – almost too numerous to mention – but they all add up to one thing. We can provide you with “top shelf” products, service, and unparalleled quality of workmanship. If your home is located in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice; or you wish to avail yourself of our Florida-wide commercial contracting service, you should contact Solar-X of Sarasota today. Expect – and get – the very best!

Keeping Florida Cool | Window Film and Tinting

ConquistadorsIt’s hard to believe that on April 2, 1513 – 498 years ago! – Ponce de Leon stepped ashore on an empty beach and claimed what he called “La Florida” for the King of Spain. He called it “an uninhabitable sandspit,” even though there were quite a few perfectly happy indians living here at the time. Ever since then, people have been wanting to move to Florida; despite having to put up with the misery of the hot summer temperatures, and the dangers of the summer storm season.

Today, SolarGard® and Panorama® window films can reduce the effect of our hot summer temperatures; making your home cooler and more comfortable – without “hot spots” and without darkening the rooms. And Armorcoat™ Safety and Security window films can add an astonishing level of protection against the devastating effects of shattered glass and high winds. SolarGard® and Panorama® films reflect the sun’s heat away from your home or office windows; saving a large portion of the energy required to cool the interior spaces and reducing energy costs –  while adding a level of comfort that you wouldn’t believe possible. Armorcoat™ Safety Film can not only save on energy, it can provide impressive protection from cutting and piercing injuries due to accidental contact, or impact from the flying debris associated with high winds and violent weather. Armorcoat™ also deters forced entry with its incredible tensile strength. And all three product lines protect you, your family, and your furnishings from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light by stopping more than 99% of it with an SPF Factor of 285+!

Solar-X of Sarasota hasn’t been around since the days of Ponce de Leon. But we have been providing our clients with top quality window film products and unrivaled workmanship since 1973 – and in this industry; that too is a very long time. From Lakewood Ranch to Longboat Key, and Parrish to Port Charlotte. When only the best will do, contact Solar-X of Sarasota – the area’s premier residential and commercial window film contractor.

Keeping Up With Technology | Window Film and Tinting

Knowledge Is Crucial To Understanding Today’s Films and Glazing 

Over the nearly 40 years that Solar-X of Sarasota has been in the window film business, there have been tremendous changes in the industry. We’ve gone from six or seven films to hundreds. Manufacturers have improved the quality, and extended the life of the products. Window film has “come of age,” and is being taken seriously by building mangers and homeowners alike as an important part of their overall energy savings strategy.

Have window film dealers grown in sophistication along with the increased technology of their products? Well…some have. But many today can’t tell you with any degree of competence about window film and its compatibility with today’s more complicated glazing systems. They can’t explain the actual testing that window  films undergo, and they can’t explain why those tests are important in meeting codes. They might be able to tell you how much heat their films stop, but they can’t tell you how the film works in order to do it.Sarasota Window Film Service

As this area’s exclusive Panorama® Window Film dealer, all members of our sales and installation staff are required to participate in continuing education – from the President of the company to the newest installer – if we wish to maintain our active status.  That means we are going to be up-to-date on the latest products, technologies, installation techniques, and glazing systems. We’ll know which films are the best for any given application, and be able to explain why. Yet Panorama® is the only window film brand that requires this stringent training.  Why is that?

As our clients, we  feel you deserve nothing less than the best. Our product recommendations are based on knowledge and training – not hype. And the quality of our workmanship is unmatched. That’s why discerning homeowners and business professionals in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice area have been putting their energy-savings and comfort needs in the hands of  the Solar-X professionals since 1973. Contact Solar-X today!

The Future Of Commercial Energy Savings | Window Tinting

Commercial Energy Consumption Will Soar Worldwide.

CO2 emissions from commercial buildings are expected to grow faster than any other sector in the next 25 years. Energy consumption by commercial buildings produces 39 percent of the total CO2 in the United States – 2236 million metric tons – per year! 12.7 percent of the energy they consume is for cooling; and  fully one third of that is from the effects of  solar heat gain through windows…

Facility managers who have been assigned the task of lowering energy consumption in their buildings  in an environmentally sensitive way are increasingly including window film in their future plans. Here’s why:

     • Low impact. Installation causes little or no disruption to office routine,
       and can even be done at night.
     • Environmentally sound. There is no massive change-out of existing
        windows and frames – no dumping in landfills.
     • Low cost. Installation is extremely affordable.
     • Window film saves money. Exceptionally fast return on investment;
       and long product life ensures continuing positive cash flow.
     • Lowers carbon emissions. Lowered energy consumption reduces carbon
       emissions at the source – the power plant.
     • LEED Credits. Window film qualifies for LEED credits under six
       different categories! EPAct tax credits too!

No other energy-saving product offers so much at such an affordable price! Installation is virtually immediate; and can be done independently of any other “grand scale” cost-cutting projects such as lighting upgrades, or HVAC replacement.

Choosing the right brand of window film is important too. Quality film products such as SolarGard® and Panorama® are the only brands available that have been scientifically proven to be “carbon-negative.” Manufactured under strict ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 quality standards, these exceptional quality window films are available from Solar-X of Sarasota to our commercial clients locally and across Florida. We can assist you in getting available utility rebates; and help you in your planning with accurate building information models; using proprietary software to aid in determining return on investment. Contact Solar-X today. We’ll put you on the “fast track” to long term energy savings!