How Do I Choose The Right Window Film?|Residential Window Tinting

Asking that question is a great way to start!

Every successful purchase will bring together the client, the right window film contractor, and the product that best addresses the client’s concerns. It doesn’t have to be hard! But… Since you’re buying a product that is going to last a long time, you want it to perform in a way that addresses your needs, and you want the job done right! So let’s start with:

Picking the right window film contractor.

Isarasota window tinting dentifying a qualified contractor involves not much more than common sense. Look in the Yellow Pages, for example. A dealer who advertises auto alarms, stereos, and auto tinting is probably not the guy with the biggest selection of residential films. Go online. Any dealer with a decent website is going to describe his product selection, and his credentials. Presumably, you’re looking for a dealer who has been in the film industry for a long enough time to bring a level of expertise that is suitable to your project.  Pick two or three candidates, and then further narrow them down based on:

Selecting the right window film product.

No one  expects you to be a window film expert, no matter how much online research you might do. But your prospective window film contractor should be an expert – one who can understand what you are trying to accomplish and help you select the best film to achieve that end. Describe what you would like to see in  a film product – do you want a non-reflective look, or do you want to see out at night without a roomside reflection? Do you want to maximize light into the room? If you tell your desires to a qualified contractor, then he or she should be able to select an appropriate product and justify his suggestion by thoroughly explaining its properties and benefits as they pertain to your needs. This is the part that demands your participation, so don’t be shy – it’s your home! You have a right to the complete satisfaction that only an expert can give you. Ask questions!

Solar-X has the expertise – 37 years in the industry – and a selection of products that will delight the most discriminating client. We won’t just sit back and let you ask all the questions either; we’ll ask you questions too – maybe some you haven’t even thought of – all with the objective of getting you matched to the right product for your needs and wants. After that, we’ll install it for you using the area’s most experienced installer craftsmen. We’re not shy about our pedigree – we’re here to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your window film purchase. Call or contact us today!

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