Solar-X of Sarasota Tackles Fading At Buccaneers Office

Executive Office Space Installs Solar Gard Window Film For Anti-Fade Protection.

No visitor to the team offices of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers can help but be impressed with the memento-packed reception area, the life-size photographs of famous players, and the sumptuous executive office spaces overlooking the practice field at the complex. And when team management wanted to protect the hardwood flooring and furnishings in part of that space from damaging sun and ultraviolet rays, they relied on the best defensive efforts of the window tinting “special teams”  at Solar-X of Sarasota.

No rookies themselves when it comes to strict quality standards, the Solar-X installation crewFade Protection Window Film quickly installed SolarGard® “Stainless Steel 50™” –  a light film with virtually no “roomside” reflection. Scheduling was critical. The installation had to be done in conformance with the aggressive scheduling of owners and staff, without any disruption of office routine. As always, Solar-X could be relied upon to get the job done when promised. Today, the view from the office is left uncompromised; while the film stops 99% of the ultraviolet, reduces heat intrusion, and softens glare entering through the expansive window area.

Tampa UV Protective Window FilmIf your home or office has similar problems, then sign Solar-X of Sarasota to your team, and get the “All Pro” performance you deserve. From product selection, to top grade installation, you’ll see why we’ve been “on top of our game” since 1973.