Panorama: More Than A Window Film Brand – It’s A Program

GraduationWhen Panorama® Window Films were introduced a little over a decade ago, the manufacturer was committed to the goal of creating a premium quality product, and marketing it through an exclusive network of top-quality window film dealer/contractors. These dealers would be equally committed to providing premium quality installation and service. They would be thoroughly well trained and held to a higher standard of professionalism than other dealers; so as the Panorama® brand matured in the marketplace, customers would know that they were getting the best window film available from the best dealer in the area.

That original idea has evolved into the most formidable program in the window film industry. All Panorama® dealers in the network are hand chosen, and must adhere to the strict standards set out by the manufacturer in order to maintain their “active” status. Panorama® is the only window film brand that requires their dealers to participate in a continuing education program covering subjects such as the latest in glazing technology, proper film-to-glass matchups, understanding air conditioning systems, or the light spectrum – from harmful ultraviolet to heat-producing infrared. Likewise, our installation technicians are required to train at the manufacturer’s training facility in order to maintain the most stringent standards of installation quality and be certified as Panorama® Installers.

 Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s exclusive Panorama® dealer – one of the first in the country chosen for the program. Our pride in meeting and maintaining the standards required of us permeates every aspect of the way we conduct business.  Product knowledge and timely installation, plus unmatched quality and customer satisfaction have helped make us the area’s Premier Plus Logoleading window film contractor since 1973.  Whether your project is residential or commercial, you can count on the professionals at Solar-X every step of the way – from initial sales consultation to installation. Contact Solar-X today, and let us bring our brand of professionalism to your project.  Expect – and get – the very best window film and customer service from Solar-X of Sarasota.

Premier Plus – Best Warranty Under The Sun | Window Tinting

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLOkay. . .so you finally took the plunge and had new insulated glass or “impact” glass windows installed in your home. Smart move too, because either one will lower noise levels; impact glass will keep your home safe and secure, and insulated glass will increase energy efficiency. But despite all that, you just can’t seem to get the temperature down in the really sunny areas of your home. The large expanses of glass and your overloaded air conditioning system just can’t seem to make it comfortable.  You’ve been thinking about installing window film, but a quick call to your glass contractor killed that idea. He told you that an application of window film (or any other applied product) will void the warranty on your expensive new windows. So what are you supposed to do? Put up with heat and discomfort for the rest of your life?

Not if you purchase Panorama® Window Film with its exclusive Premier Plus® Warranty! Premier Plus® not only backs your film with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects (peeling, cracking, loosening, etc.), it will also pick up and match all the terms of your new glass manufacturer’s warranty as well; guaranteeing replacement value up to $1,750.00 per window if you were to experience seal failure in your insulated glass, or glass breakage after your film is installed. And if you should sell your home in the future, you can even transfer your warranty to the new owner for a period of five years. That’s the most expansive warranty coverage available today –  from any brand of window film.Premier Plus Logo

Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s exclusive Panorama® window film contractor. For nearly four decades we have been bringing the finest quality window films and installation craftsmanship to our clients from Parrish to Port Charlotte and all the surrounding areas. Experience a level of professionalism that only factory training and continuing education can produce. Contact Solar-X today!

There’s Window Film . . . And There’s Panorama Window Film

Clearer, Lighter, Eco-Friendly, Best Warranty. This Window Film Has It All!

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLIf you’re going to spend your money on a window film product to protect your home from heat, glare, and fading, you’d better like what you see once it is installed. That’s why you should install Panorama® Window Film. A premium quality offering from the industry-leading makers of  SolarGard®, these exceptional sun control and safety window film products will delight you with their superior optical clarity and natural light levels. Panorama® films let in more light and stop more heat than traditional films; without the highly reflective appearance. In fact, Panorama® “HiLite 70™” has the best “visible light-to-heat reduction” ratio in the industry!

Panorama’s low reflectance allows for marked improvement in both day and night time viewing through your windows. During the day, natural light streams through without the discomfort of heat overload; and at night, the lack of annoying “roomside” reflectance gives the windows a much more pleasing appearance than other film products.

No longer do you need to worry about discomfort from heat intrusion, or the damage from ultraviolet light. Since Panorama® window films are performance certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), you can be assured they perform as advertised. Because you’re reducing your energy consumption,  greenhouse gases associated with energy production are reduced, so you’re helping the environment. And the Panorama® “Premier Plus” Warranty protects you with the most expansive warranty coverage available anywhere.Premier Plus Logo

You can get your Panorama® window film exclusively from Solar-X of Sarasota; the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973.  Installed to the most exacting standards by our factory-trained installation craftsmen. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate.

The Best Window Film You’ll Never See | HiLite | Window Tinting

View From Island VillaSales of Panorama® “HiLite™” Window Film are skyrocketing – and the reason why should come as no surprise. This ultra high-quality sun control product is virtually clear; possessing the same reflectance characteristics as glass with no film! Yet HiLite stops 55% – 61% of the sun’s heat and 99%+ of the harmful ultraviolet light entering through your windows (depending on which density you choose) without compromising your view in any way.

HiLite Window Film is a spectrally selective product. That means it can discriminate against some wavelengths of light; such as UV and long wave infrared, while at the same time letting virtually all the visible light  into your home. There is no reflective component, so it leaves the apearance of your windows almost completely unchanged. Beautiful, natural light streams into your home, while at the same time, the film brings comfort to your environment by stabilizing “hot spots”, making spaces cooler, and protecting against fading of furnishings, flooring, and window treatments. And HiLite won’t restrict your night time views the way traditional window films can. You don’t get roomside reflection with HiLite, so you can see the city skyline, or the moon on the Gulf of Mexico – all the views that define the place you call “home.” Premier Plus Logo

Solar-X of Sarasota is the exclusive Panorama® window film dealer for Bradenton, SarasotaVenice, and the surrounding area. Our highly trained  installation craftsmen will install your Panorama® “HiLite” window film with pride and unrivaled skill. And every Solar-X installation is covered by Panorama’s exclusive “Premier Plus” Warranty – the most expansive warranty coverage available in the industry today!  Contact Solar-X today for a no-obligation presentation of “the best window film you’ll never see” – Panorama® “HiLite!” Solar-X of Sarasota. The area’s leading window film contractor since 1973.

Why Should I Buy Panorama Window Film? | Window Tinting

Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FLAt Solar-X of Sarasota, we take a lot of pride in our “pedigree” – who we are, why we are an award-winning company, how long we’ve been in business, and the quality of our products and workmanship – but we really enjoy it when someone asks, “why should I buy from you  guys; what is it about you that sets you apart from the competition?” Well…

To start, we are a SolarGard® “Panorama®” window film dealer. That means we have an exclusive right to sell what is arguably the highest quality window film in this business – Panorama® – from an acknowledged industry leader – SolarGard®

     •  Panorama® dealers are selected by SolarGard® on the basis of their
         expertise and their superior level of customer service.
     •  Panorama® dealers represent the most elite and knowledgeable dealers
         in the film industry, who can properly assess their clients’ needs and
         install the optimal product for that job. Panorama is the only window
         film brand that requires their dealers to take continuing education
         courses in order to maintain their “active dealer” status. You can rest
         assured that we will always be “up-to-date” on the best films to install
         on today’s more sophisticated glazing; and be able to assist you in 
         choosing a product that best suits your individual needs.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer some of the most technologically advanced
          products available today.
     •  Panorama® dealers offer the only window films to be proven “carbon-
         negative;” and have that data backed up by the largest Environmental
         Product Declaration ever acheived.
     •  Solar-X of Sarasota is an award-winning Panorama® “Premier Plus”
         Warranty dealer. Premier Plus offers the most comprehensive
         warranty coverage available in the industry today. Premier Plus Logo
There are many other reasons – almost too numerous to mention – but they all add up to one thing. We can provide you with “top shelf” products, service, and unparalleled quality of workmanship. If your home is located in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice; or you wish to avail yourself of our Florida-wide commercial contracting service, you should contact Solar-X of Sarasota today. Expect – and get – the very best!

Solar-X Voted “Premier Plus ‘Dealer of the Year'” | Window Film

Premier Plus LogoSolar-X of Sarasota; Sarasota’s exclusive supplier of Panorama® Window Films, was recently presented the 2010 Panorama® “Premier Plus™ ‘Dealer of the Year'” Award at the annual National Panorama Dealer Meeting in San Diego, California.  The award was given for our consistent support of the Panorama “Premier Plus” Warranty Program, and will be proudly added to our list of prior awards such as “Regional Excellence,” “Outstanding Sales Performance,”  “Best Marketing Program,” and “HiLite ‘Dealer of the Year’.” 

The Panorama “Premier Plus” Warranty provides the window film industry’s most extensive product coverage. It not only assumes and matches the terms of any glass manufacturer’s warranty that may be voided by an application of window film; it provides ten-year glass breakage protection with the highest replacement allowance in the industry. Residential product coverage is lifetime, and commercial is 16 years on both material and labor. And residential warranty coverage may be transferred to a new owner for five years if the property changes hands.Panorama Window Film - Sarasota FL

Being honored with an award is one thing. Even more important to us are those clients who honor us every day with their patronage; and their trust that we will give them our best efforts and the best products available. We never forget that there are many vendors from which to choose, and we are committed to doing our best for every client, every day. Contact Solar-X for a free, no-obligation consultation from Palmetto to Port Charlotte, or for statewide commercial contracting. Expect the best – and get it!

Panorama Window Film | “Premier Plus” Warranty | Window Tinting

Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty Offers Most Expansive Coverage In The Window Tinting Industry

Premier Plus LogoToday’s more advanced glazing systems require more sophisticated window films in order to maximize your protection.

Many manufacturers of insulated glass, low-E, and impact (laminated) window units will void their warranties if window tint – or any applied product – is installed on them, citing the fact that they have been “altered in the field.” Potential lack of warranty coverage was a point of concern to many consumers until Panorama® window film  introduced the Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty.

The Panorama® “Premier Plus™” Warranty eliminates any residential consumer protection concerns. First, it matches your glass manufacturer’s warranty against insulated glass “seal failure,” and provides ten years coverage against product-induced glass breakage, with the highest replacement cost allowance available. In addition, it provides a lifetime warranty on both material and labor, plus a five year transferable warranty to a new owner if you should decide to sell your home. All at no cost to you! “PremierPlus” is the only warranty in the industry that can say this.

On commercial installations, “PremierPlus” will match the manufacturer’s warranty, provide 16 years worth of material and labor coverage, as well as 10 year breakage protection. Here again, Panorama films provide more complete warranty coverage than any other window film manufacturer; at no additional cost.

Solar-X of Sarasota is the Sarasota area’s exclusive Panorama® Window Film dealer, and a 38 year veteran in the window filmPanorama Window Film - Sarasota FL industry. Let us assist you with an honest, educational consultation, and unparalleled installation quality. See for yourself why we have been “Sarasota’s leading window film contractor since 1973!” Serving Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, Venice and surrounding area; as well as state-wide commercial contracting.

“Dual Reflective” Window Films: Perfect For “Naked” Windows | Window Tinting

Panorama® “Slate” and “Autumn Bronze” Window Films Reduce Interior Reflection

Every day, we get many inquiries from people interested in window films “you can see out of, but you can’t see in.”  However, many people don’t realize that those same films reverse themselves at night;  making it extremely difficult if not impossible to see out. Couple that with the fact that many homes today have no draperies on many living area windows, and you can discover very quickly that you are living in a “hall of mirrors” once the sun goes down. There is a solution to this undesirable problem…

Enter Panorama® “Dual Reflective” window films. The soft, low reflectance surface on the room side of the film  reduces the “back reflection” so typical of many sun control films by as much as 80%; leaving you with windows that are much more natural looking, and in many cases, much easier to see out of at night. When drawing drapes for privacy’s sake is not necessary; or if there are no drapes to cover the inside surface of the glass; dual-reflective films such as Panorama® “Slate” series, or “Autumn Bronze” are the perfect “designer film” solution. And because they are Panorama® products, they are backed by Panorama’s “Premier Plus™” Warranty – the most expansive warranty coverage in the film industry. Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s exclusive Panorama® and “Premier Plus™” dealer.Panorama Preferred Plus Warranty

Befiore you make any buying decision for your Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakewood Ranch, or Venice area home; you owe it to yourself to preview our complete line of Panorama® window film products. Call or contact Solar-X of Sarasota today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Why Should I Choose Panorama Window Film? |Window Film and Tinting | Solar-X of Sarasota

Simply put; Panorama® Window Films are arguably the best quality films available. Let’s start with warranty coverage.  The Panorama “Premier Plus” Residential Warranty not only provides lifetime protection against any manufacturer’s defects (peeling, cracking, loosening, etc.), it allows you to transfer warranty coverage for a period of five years to a new owner if you should decide to sell your home. For those homes that have insulated (dual pane) windows or impact glass, “Premier Plus” matches the glass manufacturer’s warranty coverage on seal failure, and covers glass breakage for a period of ten years! Glass replacement value is up to $1,750.00 without a deductible. Other manufacturers limit their coverage to $500.00 prior to application of their deductibles  – not including the extra price they charge for “extended coverage” in the first place! And the “Premier Plus” Commercial Warranty – with 16 year coverage to the original owner – is the longest commercial warranty coverage available anywhere. And “Premier Plus” coverage is automatic – at no charge to you!Panorama Preferred Plus Warranty

Secondly, Panorama’s quality is unrivaled. Everything about this product was designed with the consumer in mind; aesthetically and scientifically. Optical clarity is flawless; the colors are rich and attractive.  From a technical standpoint, Panorama films consistently let in more light and stop more heat than many comparable competitive products. That means your home’s interior is lighter and more attractive, and better protected against heat intrusion. Panorama films protect your home and family from harmful ultraviolet radiation and interior fading with an SPF of better than 285!  And if you like your home improvement products to be “green”, keep in mind that Panorama films are part of the SolarGard® family of window films – the only window film brand to be measured and certified as carbon-negative!

Remember too, that Panorama is a premier quality product sold exclusively by premier quality dealers. At Solar-X, our experienced and well trained installers will apply your Panorama film with care and unwavering attention to detail;  ensuring your complete satisfaction with your window film purchase. That’s why we have been the leading window film contractor in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice since 1973! Call us today. We’ll be glad to do a “side-by-side” comparison; and you can see for yourself how Panorama stacks up against other window film products. Once you compare, we’re confident you’ll be buying Panorama, and you’ll be confident you’re getting the best film for your money.

The Crusader Building Is Definitely “Cool” | Bradenton Palmetto | Window Tinting

A block off the Manatee River in Palmetto is a beautiful old building that is a great example of what can be done to restore and modernize an older structure for use as an office building. The Crusader Building was once a three-story hotel; with a relaxing, shaded veranda on each floor facing the street. The hardwood floors are beautiful, and the way the owners have installed new, hurricane-resistant windows while incorporating the old woodwork around them is really impressive. Artifacts from the building’s heyday give you the feeling that you’ve stepped into yesterday, when things weren’t quite so hurried, and people did business “on a handshake.” However; in today’s real world of “comfort demands”, and “energy costs,” heat blasting through the South and West elevations caused severe discomfort to the tenants, and very high utility bills. A consultation with Florida Power and Light resulted in their recommendation for an installation of window film to help cool the building’s interior, lower energy consumption, and save money.

Because of the laminated construction of the hurricane-resistant windows, many window manufacturers will void their warranty coverage if any products are applied to the window units. Therefore, Solar-X recommended Panorama® “Slate 10™”; a high quality “dual reflective” window film whose exclusive “Panorama Premier Plus” commercial warranty coverage picks up and matches the terms of the window manufacturer’s original warranty. And its sixteen year manufacturer’s defect (peeling, cracking, loosening, etc.) coverage is the most expansive commercial protection in the film industry today. Add to that the experience of our installers, and their ability to get the job done with little or no disruption of office routine, and it’s easy to understand why Solar-X was chosen to perform the installation.

Tenants will now be cooler, and the 80% heat rejection of the film will help save on those high utility bills! Now this beautifully restored building not only functions as a unique office complex; the window film will make it more comfortable for all concerned. The building owners were so impressed; that before we were even finished on the South and West elevations, they added the East windows to the job as well! 

At Solar-X, we appreciate the fine workmanship that went into the restoration of the Crusader Building because we’re craftsmen too! If you appreciate attention to every detail, contact Solar-X for your next window film project, and find out for yourself how satisfying it is to work with true professionals. And we’ve been bringing that professionalism to our clients in Bradenton, Palmetto, Ellenton, and Parrish since 1973!