Protect Your Christmas | Armorcoat Safety and Security Film

Christmas Burglary Home Intrusion“‘Tis the season to be jolly” shouldn’t mean providing gifts to those grinches who would break into our homes and steal them. It’s no secret that home burglaries spike during the Holidays as thieves grab whatever they can get for free. That beautiful tree and piles of presents on display in your front window is like a beacon to those who want to take advantage of a “five finger discount” on the latest iPod, laptop, or the season’s most popular toys.

One way to help keep thieves from stealing your Christmas (or anything else) is an application of impact-resistant Armorcoat® Safety and Security Window Film. Tough, resilient Armorcoat® can help keep glass in place if smashed; providing a strong deterrent to would-be burglars by making entry so difficult or noisy, that they will go elsewhere – in a hurry! Tested and proven to be an effective anti-theft product, Armorcoat® is also known to mitigate the dangers of flying glass, and will provide an elevated level of protection in case of violent weather. Armorcoat® is available in both “clear” and “sun control”  versions; so energy savings, increased comfort, and increased personal protection are all available in one affordable product.

Home security isn’t just something you should think of at Christmas.  Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film can help protect you from unwanted intrusion of all kinds; whether it is from heat, glare, fading, high winds – or burglary! And Solar-X of Sarasota  can install it expertly; with care and the attention to detail that has made us the area’s premier window film contractor for nearly four decades. Contact Solar-X today for a free estimate, and get the year-round security and peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau. 


“WESCO Turf” Trims Heat Intrusion With Window Film, Sarasota FL

Toro® Distributor Chooses Solar-X of Sarasota Window Tinting To Cool Facilities

Factory-tinted glass windows and a large number of trees keep many of the gound floor offices at “WESCO Turf” cool and comfortable. But the second floor windows at the Sarasota Toro® Distributor are another matter altogether. Above the treeline and facing south and west; the windows in the training center let in huge amounts of heat and made the center very uncomfortable for those inside.

Sarasota Window TInting

Company management decided the time had come to take action, and contacted several local window tinting contractors to assess the job and submit proposals. After a consultation with company officials, a plan was submitted by Solar-X for an installation of SolarGard® “Solar Bronze” window film capable of reflecting 78% of the total solar energy.  The performance factor of the window film also qualified for the maximum allowable incentive from Florida Power and Light Company under their “commercial building envelope” program. As a “Participating  Independent Contractor” in that program Solar-X was able to secure an “up-front” incentive that made the purchase of window tinting all that more attractive.

Our professional approach, competitive pricing and reputation as a totally reliable vendor “sealed the deal,” and the job was completed without disruption of office routine in one day. Management was delighted with the efficient way in which the job was done, and we at Solar-X are happy to have contributed to their comfort. If you own or manage a business that is in need of comfort improvements, contact Solar-X today for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll help you decide which product is best suited to solve your problems, and start you on the way to increased comfort and substantial energy savings.

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No Warranty? No Coverage… Protect Yourself! | Window Film and Tinting

Written Warranty Provides Coverage…And Proof Of Purchase

Window Film Sarasota FLConsumers who purchase window film and tinting for their homes or offices commonly spend hundreds; even thousands of dollars on that investment. So it is a constant source of amazement that – just as commonly – they don’t protect themselves by insisting on a written warranty from the contractor who installed the film.

Scenario #1. Recently while giving an estimate to a gentleman for his home, he inquired about the “lifespan” of window film; citing a neighbor who claimed to have film that was only two years old and had failed completely. The dealer from whom they had purchased the film  was out of business, and the customer was “out in the cold.”

Scenario #2. A couple who had purchased safety film from another dealer for the sliding doors in their home to strengthen the glass against storms called to have us complete the installation on the rest of the house. Why? Because the “hurricane film experts” they had purchased from were already out of business! They wanted to match the existing film for appearance sake, but had no proper proposal or invoice identifying the film type, no warranty, and of course, they couldn’t tell us who the film manufacturer was.

Protect Yourself! In both the above scenerios, a written warranty would have provided replacement coverage or manufacturer and product identification.  Every reputable window film manufacturer provides warranty coverage on their products. Not one; however, will provide coverage to a consumer who has no written warranty with which to provide “proof of purchase”. “Fly by night” window film dealers won’t provide you with proper documentation. If you don’t get a written manufacturer’s warranty from  your window film dealer upon completion of their work, don’t pay for it until you do!

Better yet, call Solar-X for quality work and peace of mind. Our proposal/invoices identify every detail of the job – rooms done, film type used, special conditions – and we provide you with a written manufacturer’s warranty on every installation. We can’t make you keep it for your records – but we would highly recommend that you do. Our quality products have lifetime replacement coverage on residential; up to 16 years commercial. And you won’t find our number “out of service” when you call – we’ve been proudly serving this area since 1973!

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Window Film Saves “Dough” For University Park Bakery

John Dough Bakery and Cafe” Installs Window Film To Keep Goods From Being  “Sun-Baked.”

Nothing tastes better than fresh “out of the oven” goods from a bakery. And nothing would be more disappointing than having those goods spoiled by sitting in the sun and going stale. So when “John Dough Bakery and Cafe” owner Bill Ekasala called Solar-X with concerns about the east-facing storefront at his soon-to-open bakery in University Center we knew exactly what he was going to need – some effective heat protection, yet a film that was light enough for passers-by to see the goods on display in his cases. Bill was impressed with our product knowledge, our ideas, and our ability to understand and act on his concerns. He immediately made arrangements to have us install the film.

Display cases were scheduled to be installed directly behind the storefront windows, so access to the windows themselves, and the timing of the installation was critical. A date was set with the “build out” contractor, and as always, Solar-X could be depended upon to install the job when needed. The installation was completed in a day; none of the other trades on the project were disrupted, and the area is now ready for display case installation – exactly as promised. We wish you the best of luck in your new location, Bill; and can’t wait for you to open.

If dependability and professionalism are at the top of your list when choosing a vendor for your projects, call Solar-X for an introductory meeting or presentation. Count on us for timely delivery, and a “do-it-right-the-first-time” attitude that will keep your project on schedule.

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