Safety and Security Window Films, and Glass Retention

Office Building Hurricane DamageSeveral times this week, while reporting on the progress of Hurricane Irene as it advances up the east coast and toward New York, reporters have commented that a huge worry in the city would be all the flying glass. They wouldn’t say that if they knew how effective high-quality Safety and Security Window Films such as SolarGard® “Armorcoat™” are in keeping broken glass together. Winds howling between high-rise buildings can create a “tunnel” effect, accelerating the wind speed and literally sucking the windows out of a building. But Armorcoat; with its aggressive adhesive – along with a properly installed “edge attachment” system – can help to hold the film and glass combination in the window frame. The proven glass fragment retention properties of this product have been known about for years. That’s why Armorcoat has been installed on many government buildings and offices; including our nation’s Capitol. In fact, a standard clause in many government leases today includes a provision for the installation of Safety and Security window film as blast protection before the department or agency even moves into its new space.

The fragment retention properties of Armorcoat make it ideal for holding glass together and minimizing the danger of cutting and piercing injuries after impact and breaking. That means when Irene has finished with New York and moved on, many high-rise windows that would otherwise be sucked out of their frames, might still be in place – even if broken.

 Solar-X of Sarasota is the leading installer of Armorcoat Safety and Security Film in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice area; helping people protect their homes and businesses from burglary, vandalism – even errant golf balls! – keeping their glass together after impact. Our experienced installation crew knows how to provide for any protection level; from accidental human contact to blast mitigation. And since Armorcoat comes in both “clear” and “tinted” versions, you can use it to save energy and reduce heat, glare, and fading inside your home or office. Contact Solar-X today for a free, no-obligation consultation regarding your safety and security needs.

Create A Plan For 2010 Hurricane Season|Safety and Security Window Film | Sarasota Bradenton Venice Florida

Hurricane window tintng film The 2010 “Hurricane Season” is upon us; and by all accounts it could be a busy one. Business owner or homeowner – do you have a plan in place if a storm should approach, or strike our area? If you have storm panels or plywood; do you know where the mounting hardware is? Do you have to buy more of anything to complete the job of protecting your home or storefront? Why wait until the last minute? Supplies could be unavailable, it could take hours to deal with the other procrastinators who are futilely searching for batteries or other products – make a plan and act on it now!

Protect Your Business With Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Window Film

One way to protect your storefront, or office windows is with a quality Safety Window Film product such as SolarGard® “Armorcoat™”. Highly resistant to impact, with a proven record of effective glass fragment retention, 8mil thick Armorcoat; further secured by Dow Corning “wet glaze” edge attachments, can offer an elevated level of protection that may be far more practical than trying to store, assemble and install storm panels or plywood.  Armorcoat holds glass in place when struck; keeping the wind and rain outside – away from office equipment, furnishings and important files – quite possibly allowing your business to be “up and running” in very short order after the storm.

Your Home May Benefit From Armorcoat™ As Well

Part-time residents may find Armorcoat to be a practical alternative to trying to get a neighbor to install their storm panels; or they may use safety film as a “redundant back up system” along with shutters.  More elderly clients may not be physically able to install panels or plywood, and they may not be able to afford more expensive shutters. All homeowners should be reminded; however, that window film may not be accepted by their insurance company as a storm mitigation device, where the carrier requires actual shutters, or Miami-Dade compliant products. Always check with your insurance company before installing window film in lieu of shutters. See our manufacturer’s protection statement for full details.

Excellent information and planning materials are available from the Florida Division of Emergency Management for those interested in making a complete plan for home or office.

When it comes to quality installation of Safety and Security Film for your home or business, no one has more experience in this area than Solar-X. We’ve been installing window films of all kinds since 1973. We know what you need, and we know how to do it right! Call or contact us today!

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