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Reasonably Priced “Dual-Reflective” Film Wows Clients And Film Dealers

Bekaert Specialty Films recently introduced TrueVue® “Dual-Reflective” window film as its latest addition to the SolarGard® product line. Possessed of exceptional optical clarity and natural appearance, this superior quality window film should quickly climb the popularity ladder as clients get a chance to see it, and learn of its benefits over conventional reflective films.

“Dual-reflective” films are constructed with a very low “interior reflectance” value; meaning, they don’t “back reflect” into a room – improving interior appearance – and they generally enhance nighttime viewing through the product. Most conventional films create a “mirrored” appearance on interior glass surfaces at night; making it almost impossible to see out. Dual-reflective films reduce or eliminate that problem. The improved appearance alone makes this product worthy of consideration as an “upgrade” – the affordability should “close the deal.”

Solar-X of Sarasota Sees Huge Sales Potential

TrueVue® is not just some “pretty” film for residential use. Commercial buildings and professional offices alike can benefit from its high-performance “wallop” – this film stops up to 82% of the total solar energy entering through windows! And the exterior reflectance is relatively low, presenting a more muted, eye-pleasing appearance than traditional, highly reflective films.

The professionals at Solar-X of Sarasota will be delighted to showcase this great-looking product for you, at your home or place of business. Once you’ve seen it, we’re sure that you too, will ask for it by name: TrueVue®! Another exceptional product from the area’s exceptional window film contractor: Solar-X of Sarasota. Proudly serving the residential and commercial clients of  Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Lakewood Ranch and surrounding communities since 1973!

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“Grand Bay” Chooses Quality Window Film From Solar-X | Longboat Key Florida

Solar-X provided replacement window film and tinting services to one of Longboat Key’s finest!

Grand Bay” is a luxury condominium situated on one of the more beautiful bay-side areas of Longboat Key. Recently, we were contacted by the Chairman of the Property Management Committee regarding the possible replacement of window film on the complexes Fitness Center.  It was plain from the beginning that we were dealing with a “no nonsense” individual who was unafraid to ask hard questions and demand straight answers about our window tinting products and services. He wanted to know whose products we used – and why. He wanted to compare performance, and warranty coverage. He was looking for quality product; and professional, top grade installation.

Professionalism from consultation to installation.

An extensive consultation took place between the Committee Chairman and Solar-X of Sarasota’s Brian Gregg. After careful consideration, Brian suggested Panorama® “Slate 20;” a dual-reflective window film whose combination of high performance, and low interior reflectance was guaranteed to help with their heat intrusion; and please the eye with its enhanced aesthetics. The industry-leading coverage of Panorama’s “Premier Plus” warranty, and performance certification from the National Fenestration Rating Council  added the assurance of recognized quality. Solar-X of Sarasota’s thirty-seven year involvement in the window tinting industry, our factory-trained and certified installers, and our overall professionalism “sealed the deal.” After  several more “Q & A” sessions, Grand Bay selected Solar-X of Sarasota. The installation – as expected – went smoothly, without disruption, and the residents are now enjoying the performance and new-found good looks of their Panorama® window film.

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