SolarGard Adds TrueVue Window Film To Product Mix | Window Tinting

Reasonably Priced “Dual-Reflective” Film Wows Clients And Film Dealers

Bekaert Specialty Films recently introduced TrueVue® “Dual-Reflective” window film as its latest addition to the SolarGard® product line. Possessed of exceptional optical clarity and natural appearance, this superior quality window film should quickly climb the popularity ladder as clients get a chance to see it, and learn of its benefits over conventional reflective films.

“Dual-reflective” films are constructed with a very low “interior reflectance” value; meaning, they don’t “back reflect” into a room – improving interior appearance – and they generally enhance nighttime viewing through the product. Most conventional films create a “mirrored” appearance on interior glass surfaces at night; making it almost impossible to see out. Dual-reflective films reduce or eliminate that problem. The improved appearance alone makes this product worthy of consideration as an “upgrade” – the affordability should “close the deal.”

Solar-X of Sarasota Sees Huge Sales Potential

TrueVue® is not just some “pretty” film for residential use. Commercial buildings and professional offices alike can benefit from its high-performance “wallop” – this film stops up to 82% of the total solar energy entering through windows! And the exterior reflectance is relatively low, presenting a more muted, eye-pleasing appearance than traditional, highly reflective films.

The professionals at Solar-X of Sarasota will be delighted to showcase this great-looking product for you, at your home or place of business. Once you’ve seen it, we’re sure that you too, will ask for it by name: TrueVue®! Another exceptional product from the area’s exceptional window film contractor: Solar-X of Sarasota. Proudly serving the residential and commercial clients of  Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Lakewood Ranch and surrounding communities since 1973!

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