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green building window filmCommercial buildings are the leading consumers of energy and produce 39% of all CO2 emissions. As a result, forward-thinking facility managers and property management companies are actively seeking to make those facilities more sustainable.  Energy-saving practices are being put in place, and budgets prepared  for the purchase of  proven, sustainable products that will improve building environments and reduce utility costs. Carbon-negative window films such as SolarGard®, and SolarGard® “Panorama” can help facility managers achieve their goals; and substantial utility rebates can “jump start” savings from the day the film is installed!

SolarGard® and Panorama® window films reduce heat input into buildings by as much as 82%; making interior environments cooler and more comfortable. Improved comfort conditions and reduced glare make employees more productive; and the 99% reduction of  harmful UV light shields employees from premature aging of skin and even skin cancer. Managers who want these benefits and an elevated level of physical security may want to consider SolarGard® “Armorcoat” Safety and Security Film as an affordable “upgrade.” For those who are trying to achieve LEED certification, SolarGard® products may qualify for LEED credits in multiple catagories. Finally, buildings that focus on sustainability are more attractive to prospective tenants; posting higher occupancy rates than competitors who are less energy efficient. Sustainability means lower operating costs, and that means big savings for tenants over the course of a long-term lease!Carbon Negative Logo

Solar-X of Sarasota is well equipped to work with facility managers or property management companies in helping them achieve their sustainability goals.  Proprietary modeling programs can outline potential energy savings and ROI. We’ll work together with clients to determine which film best meets their needs, and we’ll install that film with an attention to detail that will please the most discriminating buyer. Contact Solar-X today. We’ll focus nearly forty years of industry experience on your project – in Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, or statewide. Rated “A+” by the Better Business Bureau.

Energy Savings and Commercial Buildings | Window Tinting

Large Commercial BuildingsFew sectors of the window film industry represent as much in the way of potential energy savings as commercial buildings. Office buildings gobble up huge amounts of electricity to provide adequate lighting, interior cooling and heating, and of course; for office equipment. Many building managers are upgrading their lighting to more modern standards; and they should – oftentimes lighting is the single largest line item on their utility bill. Air conditioning (HVAC) usually comes next, and that’s where window film can really help…

Heat intrusion into a building can wreak havoc with interior comfort conditions. Work spaces near windows can become unbearable, and unwanted glare can make it virtually impossible to see computer screens; resulting in a substantial loss of productivity.

An installation of quality window film such as SolarGard®, Panorama®, or Armorcoat® can immediately change all that. These industry-leading products will reject up to 82% of the total solar energy, and will protect bulding interiors and inhabitants by stopping 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light that causes premature aging and skin cancer. And Armorcoat®; with its impact resistance and aggressive adhesive will add an elevated level of safety and security from dangers of all kinds.

Most importantly, these high quality films can save 30% and more on energy consumption – and that saves money! SolarGard® and Panorama® films are  carbon-negative; they qualify for LEED credits in multiple categories, and can provide a better return on investment than low-e windows when comparing cost of installation and performance. Installation is quick, quiet, and non-disruptive to office routine. And delivery time is immediate – no waiting for permits, window tear-outs and replacements, no dust, no noise – so savings can begin right away!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been actively helping building managers save energy for nearly four decades. Our experienced staff will get the job done right the first time, and move smoothly through the job with absolute minimum disruption to personnel. Start 2012 right, by taking control of your runaway energy costs. Whether you are in the Sarasota, Bradenton,or Venice area; or if you need an experienced commercial window film contractor statewide, contact Solar-X today.

Stacking Up All The Benefits | Commercial Window Tinting

Financial DataFacility Managers today are increasingly looking at window film products to cut energy costs in their buildings, increase occupant comfort, reduce the glare that makes it harder to see computer screens;  and in some cases, provide a measure of safety. And quality products such as SolarGard®, Panorama®, and Armorcoat™ can do all these things at a reasonable cost.

However, closer inspection will reveal other significant benefits that window film can provide which may not be so obvious at first; and they can add up to even more impressive savings. For example:

May Eliminate Window Replacement: Window film can turn ordinary windows into high-performance units without the cost and chaos of  extensive window replacement; and provides a better return on investment than low-e glass.

 Reduced “Demand” Charges: During peak usage hours, power companies charge much higher “demand” rates – and these can really add up fast. In fact, they can be a dominant factor in overall energy costs; and since film works to lower the energy consumption associated with cooling system overload, high “demand” usage can be cut substantially.

Adds Life To Tired Systems: A far more subtle form of savings can come simply from the reduced strain on the HVAC system. Machinery and equipment lasts longer, with far fewer costs associated with maintenance.  Systems that are less efficient, old, or inadequately sized for the heat load entering through a building’s windows may be more than adequate after an installation of film that can stop up to 80% of the sun’s heat. Window film is far less expensive than replacing a building’s HVAC system, and may defer the cost of replacing that system for years!

Solar-X of Sarasota has been helping Facility Managers control utility costs since 1973. If you are looking for substantive information regarding energy cost reduction, we can help with modeling tools that allow us to accurately determine your energy savings before installing your window film.  We’ll assist you in obtaining cash incentives and rebates from your utility company that will “kick-start” your savings.  And we’ll provide you with the highest quality window films, industry-leading warranties, and unparalleled workmanship from true professionals. Local, or statewide. Contact Solar-X today.

Building Management and Energy Conservation | Commercial Window Tinting

2011 Budgets Should Include “Carbon-Negative” SolarGard® or Panorama® Window Film.

Energy Saving Products Sarasota FloridaSo the new year has arrived and you’ve been tasked with reducing your company’s energy costs. Where do you look to start “cutting?” Well, the three most important areas to look would be lighting, HVAC (air conditioning and heating), and the building envelope (windows).  If your budget is too small to even consider the first two, we would submit that an affordable installation of quality SolarGard® or Panorama® window film could be your ticket toward substantial savings.

SolarGard® and Panorama® films have been shown to reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 30%. Studies have concluded that these films provide a better return on your investment than low-e glass! And they can be installed right on your existing glazing without the high cost of window replacement – or the environmental impact of disposal of the old windows in a local landfill. SolarGard® and Panorama® films are “carbon-negative.” Right from the start, they save far more carbon emissions than were created or expended in manufacturing the film. Their performance is certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). And you can start saving right away, because delivery is fast – with no disruption of office routine.

SolarGard® and Panorama® films qualify for LEED credits in multiple categories, and many utlities; such as Florida Power & Light, have cash incentive programs that will immediately reduce your installation costs. And these top quality films can can be “piggybacked” with other technologies to help you get tax credits under EPAct.

Solar-X of Sarasota; with 38 years of industry experience, is the area’s largest and most active SolarGard® and Panorama® dealer. We stand ready to assist you with building information models, technical information, and assistance in getting utlity rebates. Contact us today for an initial consultation. In Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice, or statewide; we’ll be glad to provide you with products and installation of unmatched quality.

New Window Film Gives “Artisans” Storefront New Life | St. Armands Longboat Key | Window Tinting

Longboat Key Window Film“Artisans” – a boutique located on beautiful St. Armands Circle – is stocked front-to-back with unique and delightful decorating items for home interiors, displayed in an eye-catching way to passersby who stroll the sidewalk in front of the store. However; old, deteriorating security film on the display windows was creating an eyesore that needed to be removed. Savvy marketing and display people; store management knew the old film “had to go,” as it was severely detracting from the attractiveness of their efforts. Since they were doing some “remodeling and refreshing” of the area near the display windows, it was a perfect time to get estimates for new window film.

Window film has an impressively long service life, but the existing material on the storefront had definitely seen its best days – and it had not been particularly well installed originally! Dust and other contaminants were visible under the film that had been there since “day one,” and the overall deteriorating appearance was very unattractive. The experienced installers employed by Solar-X are “artisans” themselves – well trained craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their workmanship. A consultation with Solar-X convinced management that we could be counted on to restore the appearance of the display windows and achieve a level of attractiveness that would encourage window shopping and browsing.

Since the store would not be closed during the remodeling or film replacement projects, it was imperative that the installers perform their jobs with little or no disruption of routine. Close proximity of customers to the work in progress demanded strict adherence to safety standards. Again, the experience of our installers ensured the smooth completion of the project – on time and schedule – and management couldn’t be happier. The new 8mil clear Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Window Film delivers an improved level of protection against accidental contact, break-ins, or windborne debris from storms or unexpected violent weather. The crystal clear material is virtually undetectable to passersby, and by screening 99% of the ultraviolet light, the store’s interior is protected against fading and other sun damage.

If you are contemplating a window film project whose circumstances will require the highest levels of professionalism, you should call Solar-X of Sarasota today. One consultation with our professional staff will convince you that you have found the right company for your job – professional, creative, and intelligent individuals at all levels who will grasp exactly what you are trying to do, and get the job done smoothly and efficiently. All at a competitive price. That’s why Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s leading residential and commercial window film contractor; since 1973. Call or e-mail us at any time for prompt, courteous service.