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Safety Window Film Prevents Prevents Burglary, Man Arrested

Validation is always gratifying, even when the circumstances surrounding that validation are not the nicest. The newspaper today reported that a man had been arrested and charged with burglary on three stores in Port Charlotte. He was successful in burglarizing two, but; according to the newspaper, was thwarted from entering the third by the existence of safety and security window film (the paper called it hurricane film) on the store’s windows.

Solar-X didn’t install this job, and we are in no way trying to take credit for it. We are however, proud of our industry, and the products we sell. They work! And though the store owner will undoubtedly have to replace some broken glass; that is a far better alternative than having his cash stolen and his storefront left vulnerable to expensive board-ups or looting.

Burglaries occur all day, every day; in homes, stores, and businesses. An affordable application of Safety and Security Film can prevent a lot of heartbreak. Nothing is worse than coming home to find your most prized possessions gone and the contents of every drawer in your house spilled all over the floor; or cash and inventory gone from your business that you have to replace out of your own pocket. Once most burglars are confronted with a window film that makes it difficult if not impossible to gain entry, they will move on – quickly – before the police arrive. 

Keep in mind that Safety and Security Film can prevent serious injuries from accidental contact with broken glass, and keep the glass in place after it has been broken. Available in “sun control” versions as well, Safety Film becomes a very affordable “upgrade” to a typical window film installation on homes or offices.  It’s like buying insurance – you hate to pay for it, but you’re sure glad to have it when something bad happens!

Contact Solar-X today for a free estimate on Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Film. We’ve been helping clients in Venice, Englewood, North Port and Port Charlotte since 1973!

Q: What is “Hurricane Window Film?”

A:  Actually, the term “hurricane film” is a misnomer; and ultimately, can be dangerously misleading. The proper name is “Safety and Security Window Film.”  Safety and Security film is a highly impact-resistant product that is excellent for glass fragment retention if the glass is struck and broken. It will provide a significantly heightened level of protection in cases of vandalism, explosions, violent weather and even hurricanes – but you must understand that it is a component of your overall glazing system – not a “stand alone” product.

Picture it this way. If your home has old windows that don’t come close to meeting today’s hurricane codes, an application of film to the glass surface is not going to bring them into compliance. The windows themselves must be well supported and properly installed. Understand that the “baseline” for all performance claims of safety window film are based on the film being installed on heavy “storefront” – type frames and include “edge attachment” systems. If your film is installed differently, on different style windows, your performance will not be the same. That’s why “blanket” claims by unscrupulous window film dealers that the film is “good to 200 mph” are so dangerously misleading – they give the impression that the performance is the same for all windows – and it is not!

The protection that safety film does give is real and legitimate; however, and claims that “film doesn’t work,” or “provides no protection” are just as misleading as the overblown performance claims.

We suggest that you visit our website and read our manufacturer’s statement of performance, and familiarize yourself with the performance characteristics of any storm mitigation product before buying. Your safety – and that of your family – is too important to be casual about. Call Solar-X of Sarasota today for an estimate on Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Film – and get the straight story on what it can do for you.

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Safety and Security Window Film | Edge Attachments

Getting What You Paid For When It Counts The Most

Sarasota Protective GlazingMost people who purchase Safety and Security Window Film are seeking a “storm protection” product, or a film that protects them from burglaries or home invasion. These are serious concerns, and prospective clients should do some research prior to making a buying decision in order to acquaint themselves with proper installation methods.

Many clients seem to have trouble understanding the importance of “edge attachments” as they relate to a proper installation of safety film.  Edge attachments (either ‘mechanical’ or ‘wet glaze’) are the means by which Security Film is attached to the window frame; retaining glass fragments, and keeping the glass itself within the frame after an explosion, or after being struck.

There are many ways to attach the window film to the frame; however the “wet glaze” method is probably the easiest and least expensive. This method consists of applying Dow Corning 995 Structural Adhesive Sealant to the film and frames at the edge with a caulking gun. Film is more than adequate for glass fragment retention; however, once shattered the broken glass and film can be forced out of the window frame by wind pressure, explosions, or intruders. An edge attachment significantly heightens the resistance to these forces.

Proper edge attachment performance is not achieved by using “whatever is on sale”! Products like “Tub and Tile Caulk”, and clear “Silicone Sealer” do not have the bonding strength to hold glass in the frames. Insist that your Safety Film contractor use only Dow Corning 995 Structural Sealant.

Better yet, simply call the professionals at Solar-X of Sarasota and get the job done right the first time. Our nearly four decades of industry experience will put you on the path to a strong, properly installed job, and years of satisfaction. Contact us today!

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Create A Plan For 2010 Hurricane Season|Safety and Security Window Film | Sarasota Bradenton Venice Florida

Hurricane window tintng film The 2010 “Hurricane Season” is upon us; and by all accounts it could be a busy one. Business owner or homeowner – do you have a plan in place if a storm should approach, or strike our area? If you have storm panels or plywood; do you know where the mounting hardware is? Do you have to buy more of anything to complete the job of protecting your home or storefront? Why wait until the last minute? Supplies could be unavailable, it could take hours to deal with the other procrastinators who are futilely searching for batteries or other products – make a plan and act on it now!

Protect Your Business With Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Window Film

One way to protect your storefront, or office windows is with a quality Safety Window Film product such as SolarGard® “Armorcoat™”. Highly resistant to impact, with a proven record of effective glass fragment retention, 8mil thick Armorcoat; further secured by Dow Corning “wet glaze” edge attachments, can offer an elevated level of protection that may be far more practical than trying to store, assemble and install storm panels or plywood.  Armorcoat holds glass in place when struck; keeping the wind and rain outside – away from office equipment, furnishings and important files – quite possibly allowing your business to be “up and running” in very short order after the storm.

Your Home May Benefit From Armorcoat™ As Well

Part-time residents may find Armorcoat to be a practical alternative to trying to get a neighbor to install their storm panels; or they may use safety film as a “redundant back up system” along with shutters.  More elderly clients may not be physically able to install panels or plywood, and they may not be able to afford more expensive shutters. All homeowners should be reminded; however, that window film may not be accepted by their insurance company as a storm mitigation device, where the carrier requires actual shutters, or Miami-Dade compliant products. Always check with your insurance company before installing window film in lieu of shutters. See our manufacturer’s protection statement for full details.

Excellent information and planning materials are available from the Florida Division of Emergency Management for those interested in making a complete plan for home or office.

When it comes to quality installation of Safety and Security Film for your home or business, no one has more experience in this area than Solar-X. We’ve been installing window films of all kinds since 1973. We know what you need, and we know how to do it right! Call or contact us today!

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Wet Glaze Attachment Systems

Maximize Your Application of Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film.

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The application of Safety and Security window film has become a recognized method of turning glass from a hazardous “liability” to a defensive “asset” when trying to protect against violent weather, burglary, or terrorism. No one doubts the proven strength of these tough, transparent polyester products. It is important, however, to understand that film alone, while keeping the glass together, will not ensure that it stays in the frame. Maximizing the film’s performance requires the application of a structural adhesive sealant; called “wet” glazing, such as Dow Corning® 995, which attaches the film/glass combination to the frame (see figure 2). Alternatively, there are “mechanical” glazing systems as well, that are either “stand alone” systems, or use Dow Corning 995® as the adhesive component. No other attachment process outperforms Dow Corning in keeping the glass in place after being broken.

The application of these high-quality; performance enhancing products can add a substantial cost to the installation; however, the cost of these products is high, and the process is labor intensive. But what is the point of applying something that does not work?

Simply running a bead of silicone, tub and tile caulk, or other sealer around the edge of the window will not ensure proper performance. Insist on a proper glazing system from a professional installer – and do not accept “whatever is on sale” from your local home improvement store. There are prescribed standards for a proper application of these products. Building owners and managers who are purchasing Safety Film should insist that their film vendors be qualified in the proper application techniques in order to meet these standards.