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Safety Window Film Prevents Prevents Burglary, Man Arrested

Validation is always gratifying, even when the circumstances surrounding that validation are not the nicest. The newspaper today reported that a man had been arrested and charged with burglary on three stores in Port Charlotte. He was successful in burglarizing two, but; according to the newspaper, was thwarted from entering the third by the existence of safety and security window film (the paper called it hurricane film) on the store’s windows.

Solar-X didn’t install this job, and we are in no way trying to take credit for it. We are however, proud of our industry, and the products we sell. They work! And though the store owner will undoubtedly have to replace some broken glass; that is a far better alternative than having his cash stolen and his storefront left vulnerable to expensive board-ups or looting.

Burglaries occur all day, every day; in homes, stores, and businesses. An affordable application of Safety and Security Film can prevent a lot of heartbreak. Nothing is worse than coming home to find your most prized possessions gone and the contents of every drawer in your house spilled all over the floor; or cash and inventory gone from your business that you have to replace out of your own pocket. Once most burglars are confronted with a window film that makes it difficult if not impossible to gain entry, they will move on – quickly – before the police arrive. 

Keep in mind that Safety and Security Film can prevent serious injuries from accidental contact with broken glass, and keep the glass in place after it has been broken. Available in “sun control” versions as well, Safety Film becomes a very affordable “upgrade” to a typical window film installation on homes or offices.  It’s like buying insurance – you hate to pay for it, but you’re sure glad to have it when something bad happens!

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