Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and Lakewood Ranch Window Tinting Discounts – Summer 2010

Summer 2010 Window Tinting Specials

SolarGard® “TrueVue™” Dual Reflective Window Film Series

Outstanding optical clarity, low reflectance, and natural appearance! Be the first on your block to install this latest offering from SolarGard®and receive a 10% discount on installations over 100 sq. ft. – 15% on installations over 200 sq. ft.
Offer expires 8/31/10

Panorama® “Hilite 40™” Spectrally Selective Window Film

Already renowned for its appearance, clarity, and quality, HiLite 40 is the latest addition to the HiLite spectrally selective film series. Only slightly darker than its sister film – HiLite 70 – HiLite 40 reflects an impressive 61% total solar energy while remaining clear and non-reflective. Take 10% off any installation over 50 sq. ft.
Offer expires 8/31/10

Panorama® Safety and Security Window Film Series

Panorama’s two most popular films in an 8mil thick Safety and Security series. Wow! See for yourself why these two films are so well thought of when it comes to appearance and viewing enhancement. Once you see and feel the quality difference, you’ll be hooked! Take 10% off any “whole house” installation of these sensational films!