Q: What Causes Window Film To “Bubble”?

A:  Many window films are manfactured with a pressure-sensitive adhesive.  There are solvents in the adhesive that keep the adhesive “sticky.” Over the years that the film is on the window, the sun can draw the solvents out of the adhesive in a process called “out-gassing”, and that term pretty much explains it all. The end result is a bubble under the film. You can’t pop it and re-stick the film either.

Many films today incorporate a “chemical dry” adhesive that dries hard; not soft, and will not bubble. Bubbling usually doesn’t occur until many years after installation, so if you have them, the film is probably quite old. Most films today are covered with a lifetime warranty, so if you have a problem in the future,it won’t cost you a dime to have your film replaced!

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