Q: Is Window Film Installed On the Inside Or Outside?

A: This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get.  Almost all window films are installed on the inside surface of your windows; where they are best protected from the ravages of the sun and ultraviolet light. If installed on the outside, what is normally the “back”; or room-side of the film is  directly exposed to the weather and can very quickly crack and spangle. From the outside, this looks like a badly peeling sunburn; from the inside, it looks like white “cracks” all through the film. No manufacturer will warranty this type of application, so if the film only lasts six months or a year, you are “on your own” when it comes to fixing it!

Many of today’s more intricate window glazing systems, and in some cases; access issues, make exterior application of film a desirable alternative, however. For this reason, several manufacturers produce films that are specifically designed for exterior applications. SolarGard®; for example, has a wide array of popular products in their “Sentinel™” Series of exterior films. Installed on the outside, with the addition of a protective sealer around the edges, these films are backed with a five-year warranty on vertical surfaces, and a two year warranty on angled surfaces.

If you have a need for window film where exterior application is desirable, make sure that you get a film that is designed for it – with proper warranty coverage! Insist on an outside  weatherable film like “Sentinel™”, and get a warranty that is specific to that application. Remember! Without proof that you have outside weatherable film, no manufacturer will honor any claim that you may want to make under the warranty!

Solar-X of Sarasota will always provide you with appropriate warranties for every type of film we install. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, and strong consumer protection. Contact us today for professional treatment every time!

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