Q: I Have Very Large Windows. In What widths Is Film Available?

A: Most residential/commercial window films are available in widths that range from 36″, 48″, 60″ to 72″. Rolls come in lengths of 100 feet, so you can do very large single window panes without having to resort to a “seam.” Widths over 72″ must be done using two pieces. Some installers like to seam film with a tiny “overlap”, which is visible as a pencil thin, darker line where the seam is. Others like to “butt seam” the film; butting the two edges closely together.  A possible drawback to this is that the film may “migrate” a little over the years, and open a tiny clear area between the two pieces of film. Many people prefer that however; compared to having a more noticeable dark line down the middle of their window. An accomplished, clever installer can give you options on how you want the seam done, and where you want the seam (minimizing its appearance). A well done seam is not the slightest bit offensive, so don’t allow yourself to be put off by the idea. More to the point; you rarely have to seam a residential window.

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