Q: How long will window film take to dry once installed?

A:  Drying, or curing time varies depending on film thickness and adhesive type. Typically, “sun control” film will fully cure well within 30 days. A heavy “safety and security” film may take considerably longer than that – but don’t worry! The aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive on safety film starts to “tack up” almost immediately; though it is wise to remember that the film may not give you full protection until such time as it is totally cured. If, for example, you are installing safety film for a level of protection against violent summer weather, it is best to install it well ahead of time – don’t wait until the weather man tells you to “batten down the hatches!”

As the film dries, you may notice that moisture remaining under the film is “re-pocketing” into an “orange peel” effect of tiny dimples; or that there is a slight haziness to the appearance. Any haze should disappear within days, or even hours; though a proper PH-neutral mounting solution should prevent the film from hazing at all. The “water dimples” should only take a few days (maybe a week) to disappear.

Remember! If you have concerns about the appearance of your installation, the best time to address them is while the installer is still there. A true professional will be glad to discuss your concerns and take whatever remedial action is necessary to satisfy you.