Q: How is window film installed?

A: Installers will typically prepare the space to be installed – moving furniture away from the immediate area and putting down drop cloths, etc. They will then clean the windows, using a prepared cleaning solution, a professional-quality razor scraper, and any other tools necessary to remove old putty from around the edges of the glass, old paint, etc., and thoroughly clean all glass surfaces and framing adjacent to the glass. Diligent preparation is the most important aspect of any installation! The film is then applied, larger than actual window size using a squeegee; and expertly trimmed to the dimensions of the window. It is then thoroughly squeegeed again, and all edges are carefully dried. That’s it! Prior to reinstalling any window treatments, our installers will polish the film to make sure it is “picture perfect” for you before they leave.  After that, it is simply a matter of curing time.