Q: Can Window Film Give Me Nighttime Privacy?

A:  Privacy – both day and night – is a common concern for people. Many clients; thinking of “mirrored” window films, assume that the privacy they provide during the day extends into the night, and that is just not true. The ability to see throught window film or tinting is predicated on looking from “dark” to “light”. During the day, your home (or office) is dimmer on the inside than it is outdoors.  You are looking through the film to a stronger light source – the sun!  But the circumstances are reversed at night. When it gets dark, you turn on your lights… and people outside can now see through the film to your interior. One potential disadvantage to this is that the interior surface of the film becomes reflective, and now, you can’t see out! You can alleviate that problem, however, with the installation of a “dual-reflective” film that is lower reflectance on the inside surface than it is outside. That way, you get the high performance and privacy you want without the high “roomside” reflectivity of a conventional window film product. Examples of these would be the SolarGard® “TrueVue™” series, or Panorama® “Slate™”, and “Autumn Bronze™” series. Either product is available from the area’s leading window film installation contractor: Solar-X!

We also sell and install hundreds of decorative films; many of which are patterned, frosted, or opaque – and those films will provide you with nighttime privacy. However, you will not be able to see through them from either inside or outside.

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