Q: Can My Window Film Be Removed?

A:  Of course! But it probably won’t be easy… Window film is installed with a very strong adhesive (either “pressure sensitive” which is soft and sticky, or “dry” adhesive which dries hard) that lasts for years, and it is often frustrating to remove, or clean up. It can leave a “hazy” residue that is very hard to remove from the surface of the glass, and frequently needs the addition of “Goo Gone” or a like product to get all of it off. In addition, if you are trying to do it yourself, you should be very careful in proceeding. Most people remove film by scraping it off with a razor scraper. If you use a little “flip out” model, the blade may snap and “fly”; so protect your eyes. Also, it requires a good deal of pressure to remove, and if your windows are old, the glass may break if it is not well supported within the frame; causing some nasty injuries if you are not careful.  If you are unsure of your ability to remove the film, call a professional like Solar-X for an estimate.

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