Q: Are Thicker “Security” Films Darker Than “Regular” Window Film?

A: No. The density of the coatings on the film – not the thickness of the film – determine how dark the film will be. This question is commonly asked by people who are considering the purchase of Safety and Security Window Film but are concerned about the resulting light level in their homes.

All window films are multi-layered products that incorporate a coating of metals within them to control heat intrusion. The density of that coating determines how much light enters through it; as well as how much heat the film reflects. Several popular  films (SolarGard® “Stainless Steel 35™,” for example), are available in thicknesses from 2 mil, to 4 mil, to 8 mil; and they all look and perform virtually the same – with occasional slight variances in total solar energy rejected.

Remember that these films are made with specific purposes in mind; such as (“sun control”) reducing heat intrusion, or (“safety”) accidental human contact; or (“security”) bomb blast mitigation, violent weather, or “smash and grab.” There are prescribed testing protocols for each use. Make sure you choose a window film contractor who has the training to match the correct product to your purpose.

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