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SolarGard® “Armorcoat™” Films. We stand behind them. So can you!

murrah building oklahoma citySafety and Security Films were originally developed for use in parts of the world where terrorism was a constant threat to life. SolarGard® “Armorcoat™” Safety and Security Film will not only add a level of protection against a terrorist bomb; it also can protect against natural disasters, burglary, accidents, and fire.  In addition, Armorcoat™ solar safety films and tints can filter out up to 79% of the sun’s energy, and 99% of the damaging UV rays.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can also send flying glass through a home or workplace. Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Films have been proven to withstand these dangerous elements. Because Armorcoat™ holds glass in place, it can protect against the water damage that is common as a result of violent weather. In addition, Armorcoat™ provides a deterrent to looters, and can eliminate the cost of boarding up broken windows until they can be reglazed.

Shards of flying glass are one of the most dangerous threats to the human body, as they can cause serious or even fatal injuries. As a matter of fact, flying glass can be so lethal, it has been said that if glass were invented today, it probably would be banned because it would not meet current consumer safety standards!hurricane-window-film-protection-sarasota

Armorcoat™ Safety films are backed by a written lifetime residential warranty and twelve year commercial warranty. In addition, Armorcoat™ films come with a three year seal failure; and five year glass breakage warranty on approved film-to-glass applications.

Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s most active Armorcoat™ Safety and Security film dealer; established in 1973. Thirty eight years of window film experience allows us to bring an unrivaled level of knowledge and craftsmanship to our clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, and the surrounding area. Experience the “Solar-X Difference” today.