Premier Plus Warranty Puts Panorama Window Film On Top

Most Expansive Warranty Coverage in the Window Tinting Industry

Superior Window Film Warranty CoverageThe use of window film and tinting products on today’s more sophisticated window units raises several questions as to what films are appropriate, or whether they are; in fact, safe to install at all.

One issue is film installation on insulated glass (dual pane) windows, where either “seal failure”, or outright glass breakage is a point of concern. More recently, the increased use of laminated “impact” (hurricane) glass has also raised breakage questions. Many studies have been done on insulated glass, which have found these issues to be mostly rooted in poor quality manufacture or design, with these rare occurrences proportionately reduced as quality increases. Still, most manufacturers of these types of windows will void their warranties if their products are “altered in the field” (i. e., if film is installed).

Panorama ® “Premier Plus” Warranty

Bekaert Specialty Films; the award winning manufacturer of Panorama® Window Film has eliminated those worries with their Panorama ® “Premier Plus” warranty. Under “Premier Plus”, Bekaert will match the terms of the original glass manufacturer’s warranty against seal failure (where applicable), and cover glass breakage for ten years. In addition, Panorama® films are covered against defects with a lifetime residential warranty on material and labor, and a sixteen – year commercial warranty. Both these warranties are the most complete in the industry and available at no charge to our clients. Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to be the exclusive Panorama® “Premier Plus” dealer in the greater Sarasota area.

Window Films Do Not Alter the Appearance of Windows

Another common concern is appearance. Many condominiums, especially, do not want highly reflective films that alter a building’s appearance, or create a “patchwork” effect with some windows appearing different than  others.  High performance films such as Panorama® “HiLite 70 will leave the appearance of windows completely unchanged from inside and out. They will also provide unobstructed viewing, both day and night – an especially desirable characteristic for those “high end” properties with waterfront or other “million dollar” views!

These products are not dark, highly reflective, or “unnatural” in their appearance. They won’t change the viewing environment, and will give years of excellent service; increasing comfort, saving energy, protecting against ultraviolet fading, and making glass safer.  In short, there is no longer any basis in fact regarding past “fears” that have been associated with an installation of these products, and homeowners or property managers can feel completely comfortable in having these quality products installed.bradenton window tinting

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