Panorama Is The Window Film Of Choice

“Standout” Window Tint is Lead Product For Solar-X of Sarasota

Panorama® Designer and Safety Films are unique, advanced technology products – films that no longer need to be dark or highly reflective in order to provide impressive performance.

Panorama® films are available in a variety of densities and colors, and are of particular interest to today’s more upscale buyers who desire high performance and maximum light transmission, with minimum reflection.

The most outstanding example of this technology is Hilite 70® Clear Solar Protection; designed with the same reflectance values as untreated clear glass. With incredibly high (72%) visible light transmission, 55% total solar energy rejected, 99% Ultraviolet rejection, and uncompromised views both day and night; Hilite is truly the “MVP” of this all star product lineup.

Solar-X of Sarasota is a Panorama® “Premier Plus” warranty dealer. With Premier Plus, your Panorama® film installation is covered with the most expansive coverage in the industry – bar none! –  matching original glass manufacturers warranties that may be voided by an application, and covering potential breakage for ten years; including insulated and impact glass. Only Panorama® window films offer this extended warranty coverage at no additional cost. Call Solar-X of Sarasota for complete warranty details and a free, no-obligation consultation today!

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