Open Your Drapes, Enjoy The View! | Hotels | Hospitality | Window Tinting and Film

Hotel Energy ConservationJust about everyone has had the experience of checking into a nice hotel, looking forward to relaxing in a comfortable room with a great view; then finding that the only way they can get the room cool is to close all the drapes and crank the thermostat down to where  the room begins to  feel like a meat locker…

Why? Because the architecture of most hotels and motels is not favorable to sun control. Hi-rise hotels have few; if any, overhangs to protect windows from the sun. Motels with walkways outside the rooms need heavy drapes for privacy – eliminating what view there is and making the room dark and claustrophobic when they are drawn.

An application of quality sun control film would address all these problems and more. Because many films provide daytime privacy, drapes can be left open. The room becomes lighter and more enjoyable with a view to the outside. Those same films can stop up to 80% of the sun’s heat; stabilizing the room’s environment by eliminating “hot spots” near the windows, and reducing the demand on the air conditioning. This reduction in demand reduces operating costs for the hotel owner by lowering utility bills and the maintenance costs associated with the constant running of the air conditioning units. Window film reduces fading of the drapes, carpet, and furnishings – maintaining a fresh look to the room that extends periods between room refurbishing projects.

Solar-X of Sarasota can help hotel and motel owners with building information models that allow owners and managers to determine their return on investment from an installation of film. We can assist in getting utility company rebates for qualifying windows, and help with any tax credits available to further reduce the net installation cost. Contact Solar-X today, and let us show you how we can help. You’ll be impressed with our knowledge and our ability to work with your staff to seamlessly complete the installation without disruption to your guests. Thirty-eight years of industry experience  makes all the difference!