No Warranty? No Coverage… Protect Yourself! | Window Film and Tinting

Written Warranty Provides Coverage…And Proof Of Purchase

Window Film Sarasota FLConsumers who purchase window film and tinting for their homes or offices commonly spend hundreds; even thousands of dollars on that investment. So it is a constant source of amazement that – just as commonly – they don’t protect themselves by insisting on a written warranty from the contractor who installed the film.

Scenario #1. Recently while giving an estimate to a gentleman for his home, he inquired about the “lifespan” of window film; citing a neighbor who claimed to have film that was only two years old and had failed completely. The dealer from whom they had purchased the film  was out of business, and the customer was “out in the cold.”

Scenario #2. A couple who had purchased safety film from another dealer for the sliding doors in their home to strengthen the glass against storms called to have us complete the installation on the rest of the house. Why? Because the “hurricane film experts” they had purchased from were already out of business! They wanted to match the existing film for appearance sake, but had no proper proposal or invoice identifying the film type, no warranty, and of course, they couldn’t tell us who the film manufacturer was.

Protect Yourself! In both the above scenerios, a written warranty would have provided replacement coverage or manufacturer and product identification.  Every reputable window film manufacturer provides warranty coverage on their products. Not one; however, will provide coverage to a consumer who has no written warranty with which to provide “proof of purchase”. “Fly by night” window film dealers won’t provide you with proper documentation. If you don’t get a written manufacturer’s warranty from  your window film dealer upon completion of their work, don’t pay for it until you do!

Better yet, call Solar-X for quality work and peace of mind. Our proposal/invoices identify every detail of the job – rooms done, film type used, special conditions – and we provide you with a written manufacturer’s warranty on every installation. We can’t make you keep it for your records – but we would highly recommend that you do. Our quality products have lifetime replacement coverage on residential; up to 16 years commercial. And you won’t find our number “out of service” when you call – we’ve been proudly serving this area since 1973!

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