New Window Film Gives “Artisans” Storefront New Life | St. Armands Longboat Key | Window Tinting

Longboat Key Window Film“Artisans” – a boutique located on beautiful St. Armands Circle – is stocked front-to-back with unique and delightful decorating items for home interiors, displayed in an eye-catching way to passersby who stroll the sidewalk in front of the store. However; old, deteriorating security film on the display windows was creating an eyesore that needed to be removed. Savvy marketing and display people; store management knew the old film “had to go,” as it was severely detracting from the attractiveness of their efforts. Since they were doing some “remodeling and refreshing” of the area near the display windows, it was a perfect time to get estimates for new window film.

Window film has an impressively long service life, but the existing material on the storefront had definitely seen its best days – and it had not been particularly well installed originally! Dust and other contaminants were visible under the film that had been there since “day one,” and the overall deteriorating appearance was very unattractive. The experienced installers employed by Solar-X are “artisans” themselves – well trained craftsmen who take pride in the quality of their workmanship. A consultation with Solar-X convinced management that we could be counted on to restore the appearance of the display windows and achieve a level of attractiveness that would encourage window shopping and browsing.

Since the store would not be closed during the remodeling or film replacement projects, it was imperative that the installers perform their jobs with little or no disruption of routine. Close proximity of customers to the work in progress demanded strict adherence to safety standards. Again, the experience of our installers ensured the smooth completion of the project – on time and schedule – and management couldn’t be happier. The new 8mil clear Armorcoat™ Safety and Security Window Film delivers an improved level of protection against accidental contact, break-ins, or windborne debris from storms or unexpected violent weather. The crystal clear material is virtually undetectable to passersby, and by screening 99% of the ultraviolet light, the store’s interior is protected against fading and other sun damage.

If you are contemplating a window film project whose circumstances will require the highest levels of professionalism, you should call Solar-X of Sarasota today. One consultation with our professional staff will convince you that you have found the right company for your job – professional, creative, and intelligent individuals at all levels who will grasp exactly what you are trying to do, and get the job done smoothly and efficiently. All at a competitive price. That’s why Solar-X of Sarasota is the area’s leading residential and commercial window film contractor; since 1973. Call or e-mail us at any time for prompt, courteous service.