LUBE Of Sarasota Gets “Up Front” Savings With FPL Incentive | Window Tinting

Custom Cabinet Store Says, “Show Me The Money;” Receives FPL Incentive

Sarasota Window TintingNo one would deny that LUBE of Sarasota (pronounced “lou-bay) sells and installs custom Italian-made cabinetry that is stunning in its quality and appearance. So it is no surprise that they would use a talented interior designer like Kurt Lucas of the JKL Design Group to best showcase the company’s products in their new location downtown on the Tamiami Trail. Despite his many talents, however, there was one problem Kurt couldn’t solve – the unbelievable heat coming through the extensive west-facing showroom windows. It was so hot that the receptionist’s work area had to be moved away from the windows to the back of the store.  And the electric bills! Over $900.00 per month!…

Sarasota Window FilmBut Kurt knew who he could call to solve his problem –  Solar-X of Sarasota! Since Kurt has worked with Solar-X on several other occasions, he knew he could count on us for the best advice. Senior sales representative Brian Gregg met with Kurt and LUBE General Manager Kerrie Miley to fully ascertain the extent of their problems. First, Brian suggested that they get a Florida Power and Light audit to help pinpoint all the potential sources of excess energy consumption that were costing them so much. FPL strongly recommended window film, and gave LUBE a cash incentive to help with the cost. With the costs in place (and very attractive), Kerrie  gave us the go ahead. After that, it was a matter of picking the best film for their purpose – heat reduction with unobstructed viewing from outside so that their beautiful products could be seen by passersby.  Cost was definitely a factor, since the building that they are presently occupying may be torn down within the next few years and rebuilt; therefore, there was no sense in buying “super high-end” window tinting.

Solar-X was able to recommend an affordable, quality window film product that perfectly suited their purpose and met their desired criteria. Light and clear enough to easily see into the store from outside, the film also stops 43% of the total solar energy and 99% of the damaging ultraviolet that can fade or mar the perfect finish on the cabinetry. There is no longer a “no man’s land” near the windows, and the rest of the store is much more comfortable.

Product knowledge and sound, professional advice to clients has made Solar-X the area’s leading window film contractor since 1973. Whatever your special needs; we can help you address them to make your home or office more comfortable and more energy efficient. Call us today, and be more comfortable tomorrow.