Keeping Comfort In Balance At State College Of Florida|Window Tinting Bradenton, FL

Commercial Window TInting Bradenton FloridaWith multiple campus locations and a host of buildings to maintain, State College of Florida has to keep a careful eye on expenses; especially increasing energy costs. One energy concern at the Bradenton campus was at the Neel Performing Arts Center. Consisting of a Music Studio, a Studio Theater, and a central core with a large glass area and an intense western exposure, it was very difficult to maintain a balanced temperature throughout the building. Sunny areas were too hot; areas with fewer windows were too cold. The College was having a tough time keeping all the studio pianos in tune when the temperatures spiked in the afternoons.  In order to control the heat at the windows, SCF decided to consider window film as a solution.

Solar X has completed multiple projects for SCF and was invited back by their energyCommercial Window Film Bradenton FL manager, Douglas Bucciarelli, to give some professional advice on how solar film might assist in resolving this particular issue. SCF wanted a product that would not be too noticeable, yet one that would perform at a level that would bring some relief to the building occupants and assist with the afternoon temperature spikes. Panorama “Slate 40” was chosen after carefully weighing all the performance and appearance factors. The 53% total solar energy reduction and the low exterior reflectance were perfect for the situation. The result? According to Douglas, the entrance no longer has a temperature balance problem! Stopping the Commercial Energy Saving Rebates Bradenton Floridaheat intrusion at the windows has helped to solve the problem and maximize the efficiency of the buildings HVAC system.

We are proud to work with institutions like SCF in assisting with consulting, solutions with the right products, and efficient professional installations. When you need the kind of expertise that only comes as a result of nearly four decades of deep involvement in the window film industry, you call on the professionals at Solar-X. We can make you cooler and more comfortable – just don’t expect us to tune the piano…

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