HiLite 70 Spectrally Selective Window Film: Clear Solar Protection!

Solar-X of Sarasota and HiLite 70: “Clearly” A Winning Combination

spectrally selective window film prestige vkool vistaWe at Solar-X have been selling high quality window film since 1973. Over that span of nearly four decades, there has been a common misconception that all films are “too dark”, or “too shiny”, or “not natural-looking“. While we don’t expect everyone to keep up with the latest developments in the window film industry, it’s time that we boot that myth to the curb, and fill the buying public in on a spectacular product called HiLite 70®. HiLite 70 is a spectrally selective window film; meaning that it discriminates against certain wavelengths in the light spectrum. One group of wavelengths it doesn’t discriminate against is the visible light portion; in other words, it lets most of the visible light through – resulting in a film that is virtually clear. This incredibly high light transmission (72%), combined with  a 99%+ screening of harmful ultraviolet light, and a total solar energy reduction of 55% result in a film of unparalleled clarity and performance. There is no “reflective” appearance – in fact, HiLite 70® mimics the same reflective characteristics as glass with no film – no dark appearance, and because the film is virtually undetectable once installed, it leaves the view completely uncompromised – both day and night!

Now let’s talk about “price” and “value”. Does HiLite 70® cost more than regular window film? Of course it does! That is “price”. But if you place any “value” on unrestricted, natural views; then “value” is what HiLite delivers. Remember; you can cool a six pack of beer and $150 worth of groceries just as easily in a $500 refrigerator as you can in a $5000 Sub-Zero, but which would you rather have in your dream kitchen?

Safe for installation on all types of glass; including “impact” and insulated glass, HiLite 70® – like all Panorama® window films – is covered with our exclusive “Premier Plus” warranty; the most expansive warranty coverage in the industry bar none. Performance certified by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) .

Solar-X of Sarasota is proud to have been honored as “2008 HiLite Dealer of the Year“. Call us today for a free, no obligation presentation of this sensational product!