“Green” Claims For Window Film | Buyer Beware | Window Tinting

Putting “Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” When It Comes To Sustainability Claims.

NEW Carbon Neg SealAnyone remotely familiar with window film and tinting knows that the product saves energy. It reduces the single strongest source of energy demand in your home or office – heat input through the windows – thereby reducing the need for air conditioning. This; of course, reduces overall energy consumption. Simple enough…

In the most basic sense – the argument could be made – that makes window film a “green” product. Add the ability to make glass safer, reduce annoying glare, protect against ultraviolet and increase interior comfort to window film’s existing energy saving properties, and you certainly have an outstanding product; a product that is worthy of consideration as one of the most important home improvement products out there! But is that all it takes for a product to be truly “green?”…

Several years and several million dollars ago, the manufacturers of SolarGard® and Panorama® Window Film commissioned aSarasota Window Film Service complete “life cycle” analysis that would measure the carbon cost of every aspect of the product – from raw material aquisition, through manufacture, application and use over a projected lifespan, and ultimate disposal – a painstaking and lengthy process. And a historic one. Upon completion, they were able to publish what is the largest and most detailed Environmental Product Declaration ever; one that proved that SolarGard® and Panorama® films were carbon-negative. That means the film saves far more carbon emissions over its lifespan than those created or expended during manufacture; in fact 1001 times more! Among other things, research also determined that film has a better return on investment than low-e glass! It is important to note that no other window film manufacturer has conducted this type of study; nor shown the type of environmental commitment that SolarGard® has in publishing this information.

So it is no surprise that some local window film dealers are starting to make claims as to how “green” their products are. But sustainability claims should be much more than just how much heat the product stops.  As a proud, longtime SolarGard® dealer; and the area’s exclusive Panorama® film dealer, we would submit that those claims are questionable until proven by an impartial third party study; and that should include a complete life-cycle analysis . Many of today’s environmentally conscious consumers want to know exactly what they are installing in their homes prior to purchase – what are the materials, what is the carbon cost – and just claiming that window film reduces energy is not the answer they are looking for. Nor should it be! At Solar-X of Sarasota, we have those answers. Contact us today!