Getting Down To Business | Safety and Security Window Film

Secuirty Window Film Sarasota FloridaAccording to all sources, we seem to be off to a pretty “normal” 2010 Hurricane Season, with most respected storm analysts still standing by their predictions of “above average” storm activity as we move into the peak part of the season. If you own a business, and you don’t have a  plan in place  for storm protection, now is the time to initiate one. Setting a budget, requesting proposals, purchasing decisions, and installation all takes time; so why not use the “lull before the storm” to be proactive?

Think about what you are trying to accomplish, and the most practical means by which to do it. Obviously, you want to protect your business from storm damage. If you are a retailer, that means protecting your inventory. A professional firm will want to protect computers, phone systems, office furnishings – infrastructure. No matter what your business, the goal of protection is to be able to quickly resume operations after a storm has passed.

How about practicality? If your office is on the 4th floor, shutters aren’t going to be a very good solution when you have no outside access to the windows. And a retailer on the ground floor may not want to spend large amounts of money protecting a space that he or she is renting – even if they do want to protect their inventory.

One possible solution to both situations is Armorcoat® Safety and Security Window Film. Properly applied with “edge attachments”; Armorcoat can provide a significantly elevated level of protection against flying debris and the damage incurred by shattered windows – without busting your budget. Its tough multi-layered construction may also deter looters after the storm. See our “manufacturer’s statement” regarding safety film and protection.

The protection that Armorcoat provides is more than just storm-related. The retailer using “clear” Armorcoat on his display windows will reduce the fading associated with ultraviolet light, and protect his merchandise. The professional office may choose “tinted” Armorcoat to reduce heat glare, fading – and save money on their utility bills. The office space will be more comfortable, and their installation may qualify for a rebate from their utility provider as well – offsetting some of the original installation costs.

Why not call Solar-X of Sarasota today, and schedule a free consultation? You’ll find  Armorcoat to be a cost-effective, sensible solution for your protection needs, and our nearly four decades of industry experience will ensure the highest quality, most professional service available.

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