Football Watching Is Better Without Glare | Window Tinting

Are You Ready For Some Football? Watch It In Comfort!

Now that life (at least as some of us know it) is returning to our television screens it’s time to consider the optimum conditions for conducting our weekend viewing enjoyment. Saturday for college; Sunday for pro – it’s so much better when you can clearly see the game on that “big screen” you spent your hard earned dollars for. Without annoying glare, and without the family room being uncomfortably hot!

So many of today’s modern homes have big family/TV areas with windows placed around the TV cabinet at the end of the room, and huge sliding doors leading out to the patio. Many homeowners choose not to put blinds or window treatments in these areas; preferring the “open” look that comes with so much glass. But all that beautiful glass sometimes lets in a blinding amount of glare which is uncontrollable; and from early to late afternoon it is almost impossible to see the TV screen without the picture being almost completely “faded out.” What can you do?

brett farve football televisionWell, if you want to be able to count Bret Favre’s grey hairs in “Hi-Def,” you’d better install some window tinting from Solar-X. Our films not only control heat and fading – making your TV area much more comfortable; they also reduce and control the excess light we call “glare” – and that will ramp up your viewing pleasure to a level you have only dreamed of. Our window tinting products will make your TV viewing as easy on the eyes as watching your favorite squad of cheerleaders…and isn’t that what football is all about?

Contact Solar-X today, and be watching your favorite team in comfort by next weekend.


  1. This is must have for every football fan! of course it can outrank beer, chips and friends but it is somewhere near :)