Panorama® Designer and Safety Films

Panorama® Designer and Safety Films are unique, advanced technology products that films that no longer need to be dark, or highly reflective in order to provide impressive performance.

Panorama® films are available in a variety of densities and colors, and are of particular interest to today’s more upscale buyers who desire high performance and maximum light transmission, with minimum reflection.

The most outstanding example of this technology is Hilite 70® Clear Solar Protection (See “Clearly Speaking”), designed with the same reflectance values as untreated clear glass.  With incredibly high light transmission, 55% total solar energy rejected, and uncompromised views both day and night, Hilite is truly the “MVP” of this all star product lineup.

SolarGard® Window Films

SolarGard® Window Films are affordable, straightforward window films that are available in a host of colors, densities, and appearances.  They are representative of the finest quality, scratch-resistant, architectural grade products on the market today.  Home and business owners can find a film in this line to solve just about any problem related to sun control.  SolarGard Window Film Sarasota Florida

SolarGard® films increase comfort by eliminating “hot spots” and solar heat entering through your home or office windows.  In addition, these films go a long way toward protecting your window treatments, furniture, and carpeting from fading.  By reducing solar heat, and 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, SolarGard® films, are like “sun screen” for your furnishings.  Not only will your home or office be more comfortable, your installation of SolarGard® will begin paying for itself from the day the film is installed by reducing your energy costs!

Armorcoat® Safety and Security Films

Safety and Security Films were originally developed for use in parts of the world where terrorism was a constant threat to life.  Armorcoat® provides more than just protection against a terrorist bomb.  It protects against natural disasters, burglary, accidents, and fire.  And, Armorcoat® solar safety films can filter out up to 79% of the sun’s energy, and 99% of the damaging UV rays.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can also send flying glass through the home or workplace.  Armorcoat® Safety and Security Films have been proven to withstand these dangerous elements.  Because Armorcoat® holds glass in place, it can protect against the water damage that is common as a result of violent weather.  In addition, Armorcoat® provides a deterrent to looters, and can eliminate the cost of boarding up broken windows until they can be re-glazed.

Shards of flying glass are one of the most dangerous threats to the human body, as they can cause serious or even fatal injuries.  As a matter of fact, flying glass can be so lethal, it has been said that if glass were invented today, it probably would not be allowed because it would not meet current consumer safety standards!

Decorative Films For Interior Design

Decorative Window Films For Interior Design Decorative films are primarily made up of embossed, textured, or patterned vinyl. Easily affordable, they can add a beautiful “designer” look to large interior glass areas, entry doors, shower doors and mirrors.

In commercial applications, they can change a conference room, workspace, or reception area into a more “private” area; adding a feeling of warmth and elegance.  Residentially, decorative films are often used to add a level of privacy to street-facing entry doors, or bathroom windows.  In either case, ideas for applications are unlimited.

In addition, Solar-X of Sarasota can craft custom-designed images to create a stunning “etched glass” look on any window.  Residential entries can be transformed into welcoming areas that range from traditional to avant-garde – whatever your pleasure.  Businesses can avail themselves of beautiful “etched” logos and signs, which can be changed as necessary at a fraction of the cost of actual etched glass.

Hundreds of products are available.  Simply go to the “Decorative Films” page to view our product catalog, or call us for a consultation that will have you seeing your glass in a whole different light!

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