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etched-glass-floridaSolar-X of Sarasota Excels in Decorative Films, Glass Imaging

When people think of “window film”, they rarely think of, or even know of, the hundreds of decorative film products available to them for home, office, or commercial use. There are a host of printed and embossed pattern film products for privacy. Many mimic existing glass products such as “rain glass”, or “pebbled glass”. They can be applied to existing glass at a much lower cost than replacing the glass. There are colored films; both clear and opaque, which can be used to impart a stained glass look. Frosted films can be used for privacy, and may also have images cut into them using computer plotter/cutters.

Solar-X of Sarasota works daily with architects, interior designers, and retail clients to create and install custom glass imaging made specifically for them. Residential uses may include entry doors facing the street, where privacy is desired; or sprucing up a shower door. Commercial use includes elegant “etched glass” logos in entries, or privacy in conference rooms or glass partitions. Even custom designed storefronts are not out of the question.decorative-film-florida

Solar-X consultants work with all of our clients to give them exactly what they want when it comes to decorative films and their many applications. Call Solar-X of Sarasota today to get an idea of what we can do for you!

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