Decorative Films Add Style, Elegance To Homes and Offices

“In Stock” or Custom Designed, Solar-X of Sarasota Can Please Your Eye, and Your Wallet

decorative window films sarasota bradenton venice lakewood ranch flOne of the more dynamic technology advances in the “interior design” sector of the window film and tinting business has been the use of decorative films to create tasteful and eye – pleasing patterns and images on glass. Architects and commercial designers are increasingly specifying these products to provide privacy in glass walled offices and conference rooms. Reception areas and entry doors can welcome clients with corporate logos that appear to be etched into the glass. Many businesses use these products as part of a “sign package” that is both subtle and pleasing, as part of the interior decor.

etched-glass-floridaResidential designers use these products on entry doors, shower glass – even bathroom mirrors – to liven up rooms and impart a sense of fun and “style”; or to create a sense of increased privacy, elegance, and warmth.

No matter what the intended use, the design possibilities are endless; simply because the architect or designer can create just about any image they would like, and Solar-X of Sarasota can bring it from concept to reality.

Please take the time to call us and discuss any ideas you may have for existing or future projects. We can show you an extensive portfolio of stock decorative film products, or help to create a design just for you. 

Innovative thinking and fulfilling customer needs are just two of the reasons that our Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice clients keep coming back to Solar-X of Sarasota for their decorative film and window tinting needs. 

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