Increased Comfort, Energy Savings, Safety and Security

Avoid Solar Heat Gain and Discomfort

green building window filmNothing drives a building manager “over the edge” faster than constant complaints about office discomfort due to heat gain.  Because of the way air conditioning systems can be “zoned”, and the directional orientation of the windows, one part of the office can be unbearably hot while the other side is too cold.

An application of window film can stabilize the interior comfort condition of your office space, keeping people from constantly adjusting the thermostat, and significantly reducing energy consumption due to constant demands on the air conditioning system.

Proven Energy Reduction

There are many factors that contribute on some level to excessive energy costs. These include:

  • Building age
  • Cooling system age and efficiency
  • Overall glass area, and the directions in which the windows face
  • Type of glass and energy characteristics of glass
  • Local climate.

Commercial buildings can use vast amounts of energy to keep their tenants comfortable, and comfort demands have increased in recent years.  It is no surprise that building managers are looking for ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Because of the large glass areas typical of commercial buildings, an application of window film can have a tremendous impact in reducing solar heat gain. Our representatives can help you quantify your savings with specially designed computer models that can help pinpoint problem areas, and accurately compute energy savings and return on investment.  In addition, we will work with you to make sure you take advantage of all government credits, grants, or power company incentives pertaining to an energy saving installation of window film.

Maintaining Your Furniture and Carpeting; Avoid Fading

Protect Your Home or Office From FadingDon’t forget that your office furnishings are under attack as well.  Carpeting, upholstery, and window treatments are subject to damage from heat and UV rays.  Protecting those furnishings and deferring their replacement is just one more way that window film can help with your operating expenses.

Safety and Security – Protect Your Property

broken glass protectionThe world can be a perilous place.  Threats abound, from both people and natural circumstances.  Many office buildings have no comprehensive plan for storm protection.  And how can you protect your glass from random acts of violence such as “smash and grab” burglaries, or vandalism?  The answer is Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film!  A very affordable upgrade from standard sun control film, Armorcoat® can reduce your energy costs and still keep you prepared for the unexpected at all times.

No matter whether the threat comes from vandals or violent weather, permanently installed Armorcoat® will keep your building and your tenants safe, and your office space intact.

Decorative Films – Bring your glass to life!

Much of today’s office space incorporates large amounts of interior glass in the layout of the floor plan.  Interior halls pass glass  fronted offices and conference rooms.  The offices themselves may be partitioned with glass. Decorative films can add a stylish element to any interior glass surface, imparting a more privacy – oriented and serene atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of a busy office; without compromising the open “feel” of the space.

Graffiti Abatement – Protection against glass vandalism.

graffiti abatemetn filmLet’s not forget the “artists” in our midst. . . One of the most pervasive forms of damage to commercial property today is graffiti.  The damages amount to billions of dollars annually.  Spray paint can generally be cleaned up, but the latest fad is permanently etching glass with acid, and that requires expensive replacement in order to fix the damage.  Unless you protect the glass with GraffitiGard®. This easily removable clear film can be peeled off and replaced at considerably less cost than glass replacement.  GraffitGard® protects against all types of damage; whether it’s scratches, acid or paint.  Put it on interior areas such as bathroom mirrors, or street level windows – any area where the would-be “Picassos” want to leave their mark.  GraffitGard® can be replaced quickly, and at far less expense.

Contact us today for a free no obligation estimate, energy survey and rebate assessment.  Our expert sales consultants are ready to assist you with your window film needs.

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