Commercial Buildings Benefit From Window Tinting

Energy Tax Credits, Utility Rebates Make Window Tinting Worth a Look!

Commercial Window Film Sarasota FloridaThere has never been a better time to consider improving the energy efficiency of a commercial building. More energy-saving products are available than ever before. Substantial Federal Tax Credits are available as well (see EPAct-Energy Policy Act of 2005)

Utility company incentives are also available.  Florida Power and Light; for example, has a commercial incentive program that pays up to $1.00 per sq. ft. towards window tinting installed on all qualifying windows. Solar-X of Sarasota is an FPL Participating Independent Contractor.

Are you considering LEED certification?  Window Film LEED credits can be obtained in areas such as Energy Performance, Light Pollution Reduction, Glare Reduction, Daylighting, Thermal Comfort, and Innovation.

Want to know more about all the available programs, grants, and incentives in your state? Call Solar-X for assistance in finding the latest information regarding all programs for all types of energy conservation products!

Finally, Solar-X of Sarasota can further assist you with accurate energy savings assessments; generated by the latest in computer modeling programs. Utilizing all available local weather data (heating and cooling days, etc), plus information supplied by the building owner (HVAC, lighting, etc.) Solar-X can prepare a complete summary of expected window film performance, including projected savings and ROI.

Getting started is the easy part! Call Solar-X, and we will set a date for an initial consultation. Without disrupting office routine, we can take accurate measurements of all glass areas, and meet with facilities management personnel regarding energy usage data pertinent to the building. With that data in hand, utilizing our programs, we can return an accurate assessment of what an application of window film can do for your building!

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