Certified Window Film Installers? Who Cares?

Factory Training Ensures Proper Installation, Higher Quality Workmanship

sarasota home window filmOne of the most popular window films we sell is Armorcoat® Safety and Security Film. Made to withstand violent weather, and deter forced entry or burglaries, 8 mil thick Armorcoat® is considerably more difficult to install than typical “sun control” film – particularly in terms of getting a clean, eye-pleasing installation. It  is not a product for the inexperienced window film installer.

If the window is not meticulously cleaned, and the proper squeegee pressure is not applied, the film will not bond sufficiently to the glass. What good is it if it doesn’t protect you when you need it? Because it is so thick; dirt, dust – a carpet fiber or two left under the film – will look just awful, and every time you look at the window; that’s where your eye is going to go. If you are going to install an “edge attachment,” does the installer know how to properly install it so that it gives you the level of protection you expect? Will it look good, or is it a “train wreck” your friends will talk about when you’re not around?

Solar-X of Sarasota is the only Armorcoat® Safety Film dealer in the Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice area whose installers have attended the Armorcoat® factory training academy. That should tell you something about our commitment to professionalism and product knowledge. It costs time and money, but the investment is well worth it in terms of craftsmanship, pride in a job well done, and the knowledge that you are getting the protection you paid for.

When you’re ready for an installation of Safety and Security Film, call Solar-X of Sarasota. Serious protection from factory-trained and certified installers.

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